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Mooney, Revd. T. P., Belmont place, Bevois hill
Moore, George, shoemaker, Totton
Moore, H., and Co., hatters, 3, High street
Moore, James, upholsterer, 11, Albert terrace, Avenue road
Msore, James, upholsterer, 3, Brighton terrace, Bridge road
Moore, John F., beer retailer, " Evening Star," 27, Upper Canal walk
Moore, J. R., butcher and dealer, 10, Nelson place, Four posts, Hill
Moore, Mary, publican, "Mariner's Anns," Belvidere road, Crabniion
Moore, William, examiner, 25, Glebe road
Moores, Bwan, carpenter, 2, Albert road, Bevois valley
Moors, J. H., dealer in fancy goods, 4, St. Mary street
Morant, D., statuary and cemetary mason, Woodbine villa, Avenue road
Morant, Edward, stonemason, 21, Valley road, Bevois valley
Morant, H., stonemason, 8, Valley road, Bevois valley
Morant, John, sawyer, 11, Bevois street
Mordaunt, Miss, 32, Bedford terrace, Bedford place
More, William, H.M.C., 4, York street, Bevois town
Moreton, William, shopkeeper, 24, Marine parade, Chapel
Morey, Charles, gardener, 3, Nelson place, Four posts Hill
Morgan, Charles, bookbinder, 50, Craven street
Morgan, George, 15, West front
Morgan, G. J., letter carrier, 4, Sir George's road, Freemanth Morgan, John, tailor, 9, West front Morgan, Richard, pawnbroker, 60, Anderson's terrace Morgan, Mrs., Adelaide road, St. Denys Morgan, Mrs. M., dealer, 7, York street ■ Morgan, Richard, ironmonger, 62, East street
Morgan, Richard, tailor and outfitter, loan office, 69, East street ' Morgan, Stephen, lamp and oilman, Bevois valley Morgan, William, clerk, 4, Nichol terrace, Brinton's road >
Morgan, W., district manager of Land and Building Society, 2, Alma terrace, Avenue road
Morgan, W. B., assistant borough surveyor, Brinton's road Morley, Edward, carpenter, 11, Sussex terrace Morley, Miss, dealer in fancy goods, 30, St. Mary street Morony, Mrs., lodginghouse-keeper, 15, Cliff road, Bevois town Morrant, Joshua, sawyer, 108, Millbank street, Northam Morris, A., Whitfield farm, Fawley
Morris, Andrew, engraver (O.S.O), 21, York street, Bevois town
Morris, Charles, eating-house keeper, 97, High street
Morris, Francis, schoolmaster, 7, St. George's street
Morris, George, steward, Kybla house, St. John's road, Woolaton
Morris, H., painter, Waterhouse lane, Millbrook
Morris, Henry, cook, 26, York street, Bevois town
Morris, H. S., gentleman farmer, Mayfield, Weston
Morris, James, boot and shoemaker, 94, High street
Morris, John, steward, 20, Brunswick square, Bernard street
1 .orris, Mrs., 3, Bevois terrace, Bevois Hill
Morris, R. W., the Elms, Polygon
Morris, S., turner, Waterhouse lane, Millbrook
Morris, S. A., grocer, High street, Hythe
Morris, Timsey, engraver (O.S.O.), 3, York street, Bevois town
Morris, Wm., " Ship Hotel," Bedbridge
Morris, Dr., Sutherland House, Waterloo road, Freemantle
Morten, Arthur, ferryman, Hairible
Mortimer, Capt. H., 20, York street, Bevois town
Mortimer, Samuel, baker P. and O. Co., 21, Western Shore road
Morton, William, accountant, 11, Portland street
Moseley, Henry P., jeweller and watchmaker, 19, High street
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