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Patroness—H. R. H. the Duchess of Kent. Patron—The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Winchester. Vice-Patron—The Right Hon. Lord Henry Cholmondeley. President—The Worshipful the Mayor of Southampton. Physician—W. S. Oke, esq., M. D.
Surgeon—J. Stace, esq.
Chaplain—The Rev. S. R. Butler. Treasurers—Messrs. Maddison and Pearce, bankers. Secretaries—H. Maul, esq., and Mr. Palk. Management—Under the direction of a Committee of Sixteen Gentlemen, assisted by a Ladies' Committee of Twelve. Matron—Mrs. White.
Collector—James Joseph Bunday, 4, Upper Portland-terrace.
The following Extracts from the Rules will explain the Principles on which the Institution is conducted :
, That the object of this Institution is to reclaim and to afford an Asylum for Females, who, having deviated from the path of virtue, appear penitent and desirous of reform.
That no person shall be admitted an inmate of the Institution, in a known state of disease, and without evidence of a sincere disposition to reform.
That the inmates of the Institution shall be employed in washing, and in all the business of a laundry, together with needle and every sort of household work ; and that the proceeds of their labour shall be applied towards the current expenses of the Institution.
That, in accordance with the main object of the Institution, the religious instruction of its inmates will be matter of especial care and attention; and for this purpose a Chaplain shall be appointed, and a Committee of Ladies will attend as visitors in rotation.
That a Subscriber of ten shillings per annum shall be entitled to vote at all general meetings of Subscribers, provided that one whole year shall have elapsed since payment of the first subscription.
That the Ministers of the various denominations of Christians within the range comprehended by the Female Penitentiary, be requested annually to preach Sermons in aid of the funds of the Institution.
Subscriptions will be thankfully received by Messrs. Maddison and Pearce, bankers, the Treasurers; by Mr. Palk, chemist, one of the Secretaries; also by Messrs. Forbes and Knibb, booksellers. High-street, Southampton.
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