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The Proprietor, in soliciting a continuance of those favours so liberally bestowed by the Public for a series of years, begs to assure his friends, that no expense has been spared in rendering this establishment a desideratum so long required for the County. Whether regarding the external appearance, or the superior accommodation of the Fitting Rooms, it will be found to be fully equal to any in London. These, though of minor consideration, when combined with the excellence of the articles supplied, and the very moderate charges of the establishment, cannot fail to remove the fallacious idea that the Country cannot equal London in prices; a single visit from those who have not yet derived benefit from making purchases at this Establishment will prove, that, for cheapness of article, fashion in appearance, and durability in wear, none can surpass, very few equal it.
Every material is purchased for Ready Money only by the Proprietor, whose judgement in selection is well known, none but first-rate London cutters are engaged, the workmen have been many years employed in the concern, and, lastly, the profits are such as to require a very extensive connexion to support its mode of doing business, viz., the smallest possible profits, followed, as it has been, by large returns.
In the Hosiery and Outfitting Department will be found every article calculated for any part of the Globe.
Regulation Uniforms for the Peninsular and Oriental and West India Navigation Companies, as well as for Her Majesty's Royal Navy. _
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Foreign Orders strictly attended to. Immediate atttendance, and Parcels carriage paid within 20 miles of Southampton.
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The Establishment is closed from Friday sunset till Saturday
at dusk
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