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Office—Winkle-street, Southampton. London Office—55, Moorgate-street.
Andrew Colvile, esq., Chairman Thomas Baring, esq., M.P., Deputy
Chairman Robert Cotesworth, esq.
Russell Ellice, esq.
George Hibbert, esq.
John Irving, esq.
Michael M'Chlerly, esq. Charles Edward Mangles, esq. Thomas Masterman, esq. Henry Nelson, esq.
John Shepherd, esq.
Colonel Short
Secretary—Captain Edward Chappell, R.N.
Marine Superintendent—Capt. R. Barton, R.N.
Storekeeper and Cashier—Mr. John T. Duffell.
Superintendent Engineer—Mr. George Mills.
Ship's Husband—Mr. George Elsmie.
Shipping Agents—Dunlop and Schoales.
The Company's new contract for the West India and Brazilian mails will commence January 1st, 1850, and will terminate in eleven years. Terms :— £270,000 per annum ; penalty for non-performance of the contract, £50,000 ; £500 for not starting from Southampton in proper time; and £200 for not starting from any other port. To provide fifteen wooden steam-vessels, ten of which are to be of 400 horse-power, four of 250 horse-power, and one of sixty horse-power. The Company is also bound, if required, to convey a limited number of officers in the navy, army, and civil service, and of non-commissioned officers and soldiers at reduced fares.
The Company's steamers leave Southampton with her Majesty's mails on the 2nd and 17th of each month, unless the latter should be a Sunday, and then on the following day.
On the 2nd and 17th of each month, they convey mails to the following places :—Antigua,Barbadoes, Carriacou, Carthagena,Chagres,Chili, Demerara, Dominica, Granada, Grey Town, Guadaloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Mont -serrat, Nevis, Pacific, Peru, Porto Rico, St. Kitt's, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, St. Vincent, Santa Martha, Tobago, and Trinidad.
On the 2nd of each month only—Tampico and Vera Cruz.
On the 17th of each month only—Havana, Honduras, Jacmel, and Nassau.
The Company's vessels consist of the following steamers, of 1800 tons and 500 horse-power each, viz.:—•
Avon..............Capt Hast
Clyde ............ " Moss
Dee .............. " Allan
Medway .......... "
Severn............ " Vincent
Tay ............ Capt. Chapman
Teviot............ " Rivett
Thames .......... " Abbot
Trent........... " Clerk
Great Western ,. . . " Wolfe
In addition to the above, th

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