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Granger, George, 1, Grove-street Grant, John, 20, Bedford-terrace Hay den, J. T. 19, West-street Haysom, J. 25, Chandos-street Hay ward, J. 35, Bevois-street Hendy, C. 6, Clifton-terrace Herepath, W. 3, Orchard-street Heritage, J. 24, Above-bar Hillier, Chas. 26, Houndwell-gardens Hogg, J. 15, Bevois-street Hogg, W. 18. Coleman-street Honey cut, S. Upper Canal-walk Hunt, J. St. Mary's-street Jones, J. 22, Craven-street Jeffery, J. 2, St. George's-place,
Houndwell Jelly, H. 36, Bugle-street Kennett, W. 46, Fanshawe-street King, J. 16, Orchard-lane Lane, C. 11, West-street Leak, J. 22, James-street Lowman, E. 20, Hanover-buildings Lucas, J. 20, Upper Canal-walk Lulham, Thos. 35, Above-bar Lush, J. 13, Sussex-terrace Mandy, J. 9, St. Mary's-street Mansbridge, S. 2, Orchard-lane Marsh,H,6,St.George's-pl. Houndwell Marsh, H. 19, Bevois-valley Marshall, H. 25, Paget-street Marshman, W. Brick-court, Upper
Canal-walk Martin, H. Millbank-street, Northam Mason, C. 11, Orchard-street Mason, J. 25, Russell-street Medus, J. 26, Chandos-street Miller, J. 19, Hanover-buildings Monk, F. 24, Chichester-terrace Moon, E. 19, Bridge-street Murray, G. 45, Above-bar Norris, J. 5 & 6, Strand Osman, H. 13, Blechynden-street Peace, W. 3, Nelson-street Penny, G. 3, Bullar-street, Newtown Penton, J. 10, St. Mary's-street Penton, W. 10, Eldon-terrace Peel, H. 19, Bedford-terrace Plowman. J. 14, Orchard-lane Pratt, W. 39, Chandos-street Randall, R. 1, Gloucester-square Rands, J. 12, Above-bar Robes%_, 16, St. George's-place,
Robinson, C. J. 53, Lower East-street Rook, Thomas, 6, Northam-road Saunders, H. Upper Canal-walk
Saunders, J. 3, Upper Canal-walk Shepherd, N. J. 47, Lower East-st. Soper, W. 48, Melbourne-street Stevens, A. 47, Chapel-road Stockwell, W. 18, Grove-street Strugnell, G. Longcroft-st. Bevois-st. Strugnell, J. 11, Orchard-lane Strugnell, S. 104, Bevois-street Sweetingham, B. Broad-st. Kingsland Sweetingham, G. 7, Bridge-street Swift, R. 53, Fanshawe-street Tanner, John, 16, Richmond-street Taylor, A. 72, James-street Thomas, H. 15, Chandos-street Tolfree, W. 28, Houndwell-gardens Tout, C. 2, Middle East-street Valentine, G. 156, High-street Watts, J. 49, Lower East-street Welton, T. 5, Waight's-terrace West, F. 5, Lansdown-hill White, C. I, Bevois-street Whitmarsh, H. 20, Upper East-street Woodman, H. Upper Bannister-st. Young, W. 2, Bernard-street
Boot Closers.
Booth, Isaac, 4, Clifton-terrace Carey, Samuel, 40, Chandos-street
Aldridge, W. Bedford-place Brewery Bell, A. 49, Fanshawe-st. Newtown Brown, William, King-street Budden, John, 2, King's-yard Cave, Henry, Chandos-street Cocks, William, 26, Carlton-place Cooper, Messrs. 14, Hanover-buil. Degee, George, 6, South-front Fisk, C. 144, High-street Fox, E. 1, St. Mary's-street Hattatt & Robinson, Lower East-st. Hellens, W. Grove-street Holmes, J. 9, Clifton-terrace Hunt and Co. High-street King (J. R.) & Sons, 9, Hanover-bids. Langford, F. 13, Middle East street Lock, H. Hampton-court, French-st. Lock, R. Broad street, Kingsland Loosemore, R. Chapel road Martin, J. 24, Orchard-lane Nutley, H. 8, Orchard-lane Prince, G. 24, Bevois-valley Purchase, T. 1, Andover place Quick & Norman, Bridge-street Scovell and Son, 1, College-street Scrase Brothers, Back of-the- Walls
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