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Diddams John, Cossack-st. Kingsland Dominey, George, Nelson-ter. Hill . Edney. T. 1, West-street Edwards, H. 40, Middle East street Evans, G. Hill
Fitch, W. 67, Middle East-street Flake, James, Chapel-road Gilbert, Eliz. Upper Back-of-the-walls Gill, S. 37, Bedford-place Glasspool, G. Bevois-street Grace, G. 29, Paget-street Grant, H. 40, St. Mary's-street Gray, James, Bitterne Green, Richard, Totton Gulliver, M. A. Cossack-street Hall, T. 1, Waterloo-ter. Bedford-pl. Harris, J. 5, Upper Prospect-place Hayles, G. 3, Orchard-lane Heath, J. W. 19, Nelson-street Hellans, W. Grove-street Hey ward, J. Fawley Hilton, S. 2, Mount-place Hodder, H. 12, Upper East-street Holley, J. Pook's-green, Marchwood Howell, E. Chapel-street Howell, W. Upper Canal-walk Humby, T. Threefield-lane Ingram, G. 7, Orchard-lane Ireland, A. 14, Upper St. Mary's-st. James, W. Shirley Jelly, H. 16, French-street Johnson, J. 15, Carlton-place Jones, G. Spa-road Keeping, J. Totton Kemish, C. Nursling Kent, W. 7, Russell-street Kimber, T. Houndwell-view King, Thomas, Shirley Lane, C. 11, West-street Lecocq, L. Bargate Leggett, E. Godfrey-st. Crabniton Lucas, T. (Sadlers' Arms) Marsh-la. M'Call, A. 8, French-street M'Kay, —, Millbrook Macdonald, C. King-street Madden, T. 10, Upper Canal-walk Mansbridge, B. Prince's-st. Northam May, G. 4, Strand Meacher, W. Millbank-st. Northam Millard, John, Shirley Morgan, C. 3, Bridge.street Newman, E. 1, Northam-terrace Newman, G. 9, French-street Nicholls, G. 1, Regent-street Nolgrove, S. Lower Canal-walk Northover, G. 3, French-street
Olive, Joseph, 11, Grove-street Osman, T. 2, Albion-place Paddick, C. 1, Upper St. Mary's-st. Page, S. 95, High-street Pain, Charles, Shirley Penford, J. Calmor, Totton Pettet, C. B. 6, Upper Canal-walk Pitt, W. 25, French-street Pitt, W. Fawley Prince, W. Nelson-place, Hill Raynham, J. 56, Lower East-street Rideout, R. 7, Mount-place Roberts, W. T. Trafalgar-pl.Northam Savage, .W. 22, Hanover-buildings Scorey, C. Chapel-road Sinclair, C. 8, Grove-street Skates, N. 3 & 4, Eldon-terrace Slade, W. Highfield Smith, J. Victoria-terrace, Northam Southwill, H. 28, Upper Canal-walk Sparkes, G. 5, Yincent's-walk Stephens, H., Hythe Stride, Charles, Bevois-street Swaffield, T. Millbank-st. Northam Taplin, H. Bitterne Taylor, A. Eling, Totton Taylor W. Winsor, Totton Thorn, C. 19, Orchard-lane Tizard, Mrs. E. 1, Grove-street Travers, W. 79, High-street Tucker, George, Derby-street Ward, Mrs. Jane, 6, Lower Canal-wk. Warren, G. 8, Onslow-road Warwick, Ann, 11, Lower Canal-wk. Webb, Ann, 54, Fanshawe-street Webb, H. Nursling Wilkins, W. 62, Middle East-street Willis, C. Millbank-street, Northam Wilson, G. Millbrook Wiseman, J. 14 & 15, Orchard-lane Whitcher, W. jun. 3, Above-bar White, J. York street, Northam Whittle^ W. Prince's-street, Northam Wood, J. 15, Hanover-buildings Wyatt, Joseph, Millbrook Young, J. Winchester-street
Berlin Wool WarehouseJceepers.
Eastman, Miss, 5, Above-bar Hills, R. 175, High-street Smith, S. H. 23, High-street Vinton, Mrs. 1, St. Mary's-street White, Mrs. S. 11, Above-bar
Bird-Buffers and Dealers. Bailey, Joseph, 120, High-street
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