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King, K. Hill-street March, W. 11, Carlton place Oakley, A. Love-lane Ransom, G. Bevois-hill Ransom, W. 2, Chapel-road Smith, J. Craven-street Wheeler, J. 2, Lyon-street Whitehom, J. 29, Bedford-place Willis, G. 3, Hamilton-cottages
Ball, C. Orchard-street Fry, J. 3 and 45, French-street Kent and Dain, 169, High-street Lankester, W. and J. 136, High-st. Patrick, J. T. 17, Above-bar Saunders, F. 69, East-street
S. Market I, G. Market fng, H. Market
r. 51, Above-bar |(M. A.) Mrs. Upper East-st. ermot, M. 11, Canal-walk [bridge, W. 1, Orchard-lane lewhite, R. 21, Orchard-lane fey, A. Market Per, J. 10, Bevois-street Pembroke, G. 7, Canal-walk ansom, B. and W. Market Reynolds, M. 4, Orchard-lane
lithers, T. Bridge-st.&5, Canal wk. Jquibb, E. 35, Above-bar T'urner, J. 2, Canal-walk Wallis, T. Waterloo-terrace West, J. 27, Bridge-street
Grocers and Teadealers. Apsey, H. 1, Melbourne-street Barber, G. H. 42, St. Mary's-street Barling, A. 67, High-street Bartlett, G. 2, Castle-lane Bartlett, J. S. 36, Bernard-street Beaton, J. 28, James-street Beaton, Mrs. 102, Bevois-street Bell, J. Chapel-road Bienvenu, N. 118, High-street Bound, J. 9, Mount-street Bray, J. East-street Brown, G. Belvidere-terrace Brown (M.) Mrs. 5, Orchard-lane Caplen, C. 46, Above-bar Carpenter, J. 10, South front Channell and Ridges, 24, High-street Chaplin, S. 121, High-street Clark, T. West Quay
Cooke, T. 22, Bernard-street Cooksey and Sons, 125, High-street Copeland, C. 61, Above-bar Cray, C. D. 15, East-street Dark, W 32, Albert-street Duffett, J. 26, Albert-street Dunning, T. Standford-street Edwards, E. 48, High-street Ellcom, E. 57, East-street Fitt, T. 157, High-street Fitzgerald, J. Onslow-road Foster, J. and G. 69, High-street Glasspool, T. Middle East-street Graham, J. 19, St. Mary's-street Good, G. 12, St. Mary's-street Goulding, J. 2, West-front Hall, G. Chapel-road Harding, R. 34, Lower East-street Hatch, J. Bridge-street Hatch, W. St. Mary's-st. & East-st. Heath, J. W. 19, Nelson-street Hill, C. 23, South-front Hoare, J. Onslow-road Hobbs, W. 28, Chapel-road Hudson, A. Chapel-road Jenkins, A. 25, South-front Johnson, W. Waterloo-terrace Langford, J. & F. 16, St. Mary's st Laver, C. 8, Union-ter. & 73, High-st. Laver, J. 16, St. Mary's street ' Lenney, S. 61, French-street Lindsay, J. Frederick-street Lomer, W. 5, High-street Maclean, M. St. Mary's-street M'Cormac, J. 8, LoVer Canal-walk Maffey, J. 16, Commercial-road Mann, T. 25, Bernard-street Marsh, C. 18, St. Mary's-street Mayoss, W. F. 55, Lower East street Mitchell, A. 84, High-street Munday, S. 7, Hanover-buildings Perkins, E. and F. 42, Above-bar Purkis, David, French-street Potts, E. 28, Above-bar Ray, J. and F. 9, East-street Rimer, J. 47, Chapel-road Rivers, Earl, 16, Above-bar Rogers, W. 25, Carlton-place Sandall, W. 27, French-street Sharp, J. & W. 10, St. Mary's-street Sherrin, J. C. 21, Orchard-lane Simpson, H. 12, Canal-walk Smith, J. Craven-street Stroud, J. C. 3, Hound well-gardens , Strugnell, G. Belvidere ter. Northam Summers, S. 5, Bernard-street
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