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Hawkins, E. 50, High-street Hawkins, G. E. 7, Canal-walk Henderson, J. East-street Hide, C. Onslow-road Hillyer, R. Chapel-road Hurst, W. Waterloo-terrace.
Jacobs, W. Cossack-street Jones, A. 7, St. Mary's-street Kelsey, H. 46. High-street Knight, J. 10, Paradise-place Lanham, E. 49, High-street Lunn, W. 21, Carlton-place Oliver, W. R. Middle East-street Oliver, W. 1, Sussex-terrace Powell, C. 19, St. Mary's-street Primmer, T. jun. 19, Union-street Smith, W. H. Northam-road Stainer, H. 24, Union-terrace Stainer, H. jun. 31, Union-terrace Stanbrook, W. 49, Chapel-road Taylor, J. 5, Canal-walk Taylor, W. Market-lane West (J.) Mrs. 36, College-street
Cabinet-makers, Upholsterers, and Undertakers.
Badcock, J. 12, Bernard-street Bemister, W. 11, Bugle-street Bisley, J. 2, Upper St. Mary's-street Blundell, S. St. Mary's-street Blundell, T. Houndwell Bounds, J. 17, Cross-street Brooks, C. 8, Above-bar Brown, G. 11, Hanover-buildings Bryer, J. 21, St. Mary's-street Candy, C. H. 77, St. Michael's-square Carter, P. 4, Strand Clark, J. 1, Winchester-terrace Cornish, G. 8, New-road Furlonger, J. 11, Upper St. Mary's st. Golding, G. 5, Manchester-street Hillier, J. 7, Middle North-front Hitchcock, T. 13, St. Michael's-sq. Ingram, S. 5, East-street Ireland, S. S. 12, High-street Jones, A. 15, Union-terrace Kingwell, J. 14, Hamilton-terrace Lawrence, J. 16, Winchester-terrace Leach, G. 101, High-street Lock, W. T. 40, East-street Malvern, C. 5, Cooksey's-terrace Martin, J. 5, Sussex-terrace Miller, J. 1, Orchard-place Mondey, R. 106, High-street Peaty, C. 64, High-street Petty, A. 23, 24, & 25, Union-terrace
Perkins, R. H. 59, High-street Pollard, J. 4, Upper St. Mary's-street Scammel, W. 17, Winchester-terrace Snelgrove, H. Regent-place Storror, W. 58 and 59, French-street Triggs, J. 3, Manchester-street Triggs, W Upper Prospect-place Tucker, J. T. 32, Above-bar Waller, T. W. 34, College-street Weston, J. R. 65, East-street White, J. St. Michael's - square White, J. jun. 29, High-street Woolen, P. 1, Vincent's-walk Yelf, W, 1, Clifton-terrace Young, J. 1, Bernard-street
Compton, W. 5, Gloucester-square Ford and Co. 37, Bernard-street Hatch and Co. 81, High-street Lipscomb, W. H. 84, High-street Matcham, T. 11, Above-bar Parker and Co. 81, High-street Pickford and Co. 83, High-street Smith and Dawes, Terminus-terrace
Carvers and Gilders.
Buchan, H. J. 159, High-street Callen, J. 102, High-street Chamberlin, W. Vincent's-walk Diaper, Mark, 2, Albion-place Douglas, J. 9, Bedford-place Whitcher, W. 20, South-front
Chair Makers.
Childs, W. 27, French-street Finlayson, J. W. 2, Laura-place Goodman, G. 16, Orchard-lane Hollins, T. 17, St. Mary's-street Smith, J. 9, Mount-place Sherrin, W. 85, James-street
Cheese Factors.
Cray, C, Beach-cottage Phillips, C. 13, Bernard-street
Fox, T. 132, High-street Rimer, C. T. 13, High-street
[See also Grocers and Teadealers.]
Chemists and Druggists.
Barraud, C. D. 17, Above-bar Bartlett, W. 78, High-street
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