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Armstrong, Mrs. 1, Gothic-cottages, Shirley
Arnold, Albert, poulterer, 14, Bernard-street
Arnold, Asher, shopkeeper, Grove-street
Arnold, Jas. greengrocer, St. Mary's
Arnold, James, yeoman, Stonehills, Fawley .
Arnold, James Robertson, Major-General R.E. 25, Carlton-cresoent
Arnold, John, grocer, Providence-house, Shirley
Arnold, John, carrier, Woodington, Fawley
Arnold, Richard, master mariner, 2, Latimer-street
Arnold, Thos. slater, Crabniton
Arthur (Rebecca) Mrs. ladies' establishment, Polygon
Arundell, Misses, 1, Carlton-crescent
Ashby, Thos. engineer, 2, Queen's-terrace
Ashurst, Drury, appraiser, Ogle-place, St. Mary's
Ashurst, Misses, Bury-house, Eling
Aslatt and Son, coachbuilders, Weighbridge, Marlands .
Aslatt, Geo. cattle dealer, Netley-green, near Bursledon Aslatt, Thos. innkeeper, Catherine Wheel, Botley Asylum, Orphan, 1, Albion-terrace
Atherley, Fall, and Atherley, jun. bankers, 25, High-street Atherley, Geo. esq. 3, Upper Moira-place Atherley, Geo. jun. esq. 3, Upper Moira-place Atkins, Albert, grocer and provision merchant, 9, East-street Atkins, Edward, manager of the Hampshire Bank, agent for the Standard Life Assurance Company, 21, High-street (see adv. pp. 86, 87)
Atkins, John and Geo. yeomen, Barton, Stoneham
Atkins, William, shipwright, 3. St. John's-street
Atkinson, William, tailor, Westend
Atkinson, Mrs. 101, High-street
Attwood, Edw. gentleman 9, Western-terrace
Attwood, Edw. lathmaker, 8, Paget-street
Attwood, Elizabeth, sempstress, 21, King-street
Attwood, Mrs. lodging-house keeper, 12, St. Mary's-street
Atwood, John, servant, 18, Carlton-place
Austen, Mrs. Polygon-villa, Polygon
Austen, Thos. butcher, Chapel-road
Austin, Miss, 63, Marland-place
Austin (Mary) Mrs. dressmaker, 105, High-street
Austin, Rev. Wm. 2, Anglesea-place
Autridge, Samuel, tinman, 10, James's-street
Avery, Jas. yeoman, Hamble.
Avery, Mary, beer retailer, Houndwell
Axford, William, porter, Craven-street
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