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Olding, John, carpenter, 1, Mount-place
Olding, Thos. carrier, Hounsdown, Totton
Oliver, Chas. cordwainer, Hamble
Oliver, Henry, shoemaker, Totton
Oliver, Mrs. Winsor-cottage, Bartley, Totton
Oliver, Kobt. boot and shoemaker, 24, Upper East-street
Oliver, W. R. butcher, purveyor to the West India Steam Packet
Company, 4, Middle East-street ^
Orger, Rev. William, Parsonage, Shirley Common Orphan Asylum, 1, Albion-terrace Orsborn, John, surgeon, Bittern Orton (Mary), Mrs. 3, Hamilton-terrace Osbaldiston (Elizabeth) Mrs. innkeeper, Ship Inn, Redbndge Osbaldiston, John, baker, 11, Orchard-lane Osborn (Grace), Miss, 72, Marland-place Osborn, Wm. cooper, 27, Bugle-street Osborne, Henry, chemist, Upper Prospect-place Osman, Fred, clock and watchmaker, 17, College-street Osman, Henry, baker, 27, French-street Osman, Jas. flyman and beer retailer, Hanover-buildings Osman, Jas. blacksmith, 2, Bannister-street, Bedford-place Osman, John, grocer, Redbridge Osman, John, yeoman, Bartley, Totton Osman, Thos. esq. Church-road, Shirley Common Osman, Thos. ironmonger's assistant, 17, College-street Othen, Wm. mariner, Rumbridge Othen, Wm. bricklayer, Totton Ottley, Mrs. Testwood, Totton
Oughton, John, schoolmaster, Winchester-street, Botley Oughton, John, chairmaker, Winchester-street, Botley Owen, John, 1, Mona-place, Bedford-terrace Owens, Robert, tailor, 20, Middle East-street Owton, Caleb, yeoman, Chalcroft Farm, Moorgreen, Wetond Owton, Chas. yeoman, Chalcroft Farm, Moorgreen,
Oxford (Ann), Mrs. straw bonnet maker, 63, Lower East-street Oxford, John, carpenter, Northam-street, Charlotte-place
Packet Superintendent's Office, Winkle-street Page and Moody, solicitors, 32, Bugle-street Page, Chas. yeoman, Highfield Page, Edwin, draper's assistant, 14, John-street Page (Eliza), Miss, Lawn-cottage, Hill Page, Frederick, plasterer, Northam Page, Henry, solicitor, Freemanile-cottage, Hill
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