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New Moon, 4 day, at 4 23 after.
First Quarter, 12............2 15 after.
Full Moon, 19............6 11 morn.
Last Quarter, 26............3 13 morn.
1 Tu
2 W 3Th 4F
5 S
6 E 7M 8Tu 9 W
10 TH
11 F
12 S
13 E
14 M
15 Tu
16 W
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
Oxford Act and Cam. com. Vis. of B. Virgin Mary Dog Days begin Cambridge Term ends Oxford Term ends
VII. Sun. aft. Trinity Thomas a Becket
Insur. due at Mid. to be pd. Sun sets 8h. 10m.
Calvin born, 1509 Night long 7b. 52m.
Clock fast 5m. 15s.
VIII. Sun. aft. Trinity Sun rises 4h. 3m.
St. Swithin
Flight of Mahomet, 622
17 Th Sun sets 8h. 4m.
18 F Night 8h. long
19 S Clock fast 5m. 56s.
20 E IX. Sun. aft. Trinity
21 M True night begins again
22 Tu St. Mary Magdalene
23 W Sun rises 4h. 15m.
24 Tn Sun sets 7h. 55m.
25 F St. James, Apostle
26 S Clock fast 6m. 10s.
27 E X. Sun. aft. Trinity
28 M Day decreased 57m.
29 Tu Sun rises 4h. 23m.
30 W Sun sets 7h. 47m.
31 Th Night longer lh. 8m.
New Moon, 3 day, at 7 18 morn.
First Quarter, 10 ...... 10 33 night.
Full Moon, 17...... 9 after.
Last Quarter, 24 ...... 6 20 even.
D Sundays, Holidays, etc.
IF Lammas Day, Slavery abol.
2 S [1834, Bat. of Nile, 1798
3 E XI. SuND. aft. Trinity
4 M Sun rises 4h. 30m.
5 Tu Sun sets 7h. 41m.
6 W Prince Alfred bom, 1844
7 Th [Transf. of our Lord
8 F Day 15h. long
9 S Night 9h. 9m. long
10 E XII. Sun. aft. Trinity
11 M Dog Days end, Half-quar.
12 Tu Grouse shooting begins
13 W Dow. Q. Add. bom, 1792
14 Th [Mary
15 F Assumption of B. Virgin
16 S Clock fast 4m. 2s.
17 E XIII. Sun. aft. Trinity
18 M [Duchess of Kent b. 1786
19 Tu Sun sets 7h. 13m.
20 W Black Game shooting beg.
21 Th Day 2h. 20m. shorter
22 F Bat. of Bosworth F., 1485
23 S Clock fast 2m. 24s.
24 E XIV. Sun. aft. Trinity
25 M Sun rises 5h. 3m.
26 Tu Prince Albert born, 1819
27 W Sun rises 5h. 5m.
28 Th St. Augustine
29 F St. John Baptist beheaded
30 S Clock and sun agree
31 E XV. Sun. aft. Trinity
July 8th.—Fire Insurance due at Midsummer must be paid on or before this day.—20th. Poor Rates and Assessed Taxes due on the 6th of April last must be paid on or before this day by all Electors of Cities or Boroughs, or they will be disqualified from voting at an Election—20th. The last day tor sending in claims for voting in Counties. --31st.Over-seers to make out Lists of Electors.
GARDEN.—Prepare ground for suc-
_______beginning of ..
dishes sown now will be fit to draw the beginning of September. Sow carrots to be drawn early in April. Take up onions as the leaves wither.
August.—The two first Sundays Country and Borough Lists are to be affixed to Church doors.—20th. Last day l'orleav-i ing with Overseers objections to County Electors.—25th. Last day for service uf objections to Electors in Counties, or Tenants; and for service on Overseers of objections to Borough Electors; also the last day to claim as Borough Electors.— 29th. Overseers of Parishes or Townships to send lists of Electors and number of | Objections to the Hiph Constables of their Hundreds.—31st, All Taxes and Rates payable on March 1st must be paid on or before this day by persons claiming to be enrolled as Burgesses under the I Municipal Corporation Act.
GARDEN.—See under November.
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