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New Moon, 6 day, at 9 50* mor.
First Quarter, 14............2 1 i after.
Full Moon, 21............3 51 after.
Last Quarter, 28............6 18 mor.
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
1 Th Ascen., Holy Thursday, St, % F [Philip and St. Jas.
3 S Day breaks about 2 o'clock
4 E Sunday aft. Ascension
5 M Sun rises 4h. 27m.
6 Tu Sun ec. vis. at Southampton
7 W [Above-bar Fair
8 Th Half-qr., Easter Term ends
9 F Clock slow 3m.
10 S Oxford Term ends
11 E Whit-Sunday
12 M Whit-Monday
13 Tu Whit-Tuesday
14 W Emb. Week, Oxford T. beg.
15 Th
16 F Sun rises 4h. 9m.
17 S CI. slow 3 min. 52s. [div.
18 E Trinity Sunday, Cam. T.
19 M Trinity Fair, Southampton
20 Tu Sun sets 7h. 49m.
21 W Total eel. of the moon inv.
22 Th Trinity Term beg., Corpus
23 F \Christi
24 S Qu. Victoria born, 1819
25 E I. Sunday aft. Trinity 20 M Augustine, Archbishop.
27 Tu Venerable Bede
28 W Sun rises 3h. 54m.
29 Th King Ghas. II. restored
30 F Sun sets 8h. 2m. [night
31 S CI. slow 2m. 40s. No real
Regulations respecting Elections. —Notice to receive claims for Votes must be given by Overseers on June 20.—List of Electors must be made by July 31.— Persons objecting to claims for Votes must give notice by August 25.—Barristers must hold their revision Couris between September 15 and October 25.— Lists to be copied into books, and the books to be delivered by October 3; and such books to be considered the Register of the Electors.
GARDEN.—The principal spring crops will now require weeding, thinning, and hoeing, and some transplanting. Cucumbers must now be watered. The melon beds require an equal degree of heat, and the glasses covered with mats at night
New Moon, 5 day, at 1 1 morn.
First Quarter, 13 ...... 3 36 morn.
Full Moon, 19...... 11 11 night.'
Last Quarter, 26 ...... 3 20 after.
1 E
2 M
3 Tu
4 W
5 Th
6 F
7 S
8 E
9 M
10 Tu
11 W
12 Th
13 F
14 S
15 E
16 M
17 Tu
18 W
19 Th
20 F
21 S
22 E
23 M
24 Tu
25 W
26 Th
27 F
28 S
29 E
30 M
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
II. Sund. aft. Trinity All Day or Twilight till
July 25.
Clock slow 2m. 2s.
King of Hanover b. 1771 Sun rises 3h. 46m.
III. Sunday aft. Trin. Sun sets 8h. 13m.
St. Barnabas Trinity Term ends Sun rises 3h. 44m.
Clock slow 7s.
IV. Sund. aft. Trinity Sun sets 8h. 17m.
St. Alban, Martyr Battle of Waterloo, 1815 Magna Charta signed, 1215 Qu. Victoria's Accessson Longest day, Q. Vic. Pr.
V. Sun. aft. Trinity Sun rises 3h. 45m.
Nat. John Bap., Mids.-day Day long 16h. 26m.
Clock fast 2m. 38s. Qu. Victoria crowned
VI. Sunday aft. Trin., St. \Peter, Apostle
June 20th.—Overseers to fix on Church doors Notice to persons qualified to vote for Counties to make claim. Persons on the Register need not make any new claim, unless they have changed their Qualification.
GARDEN.—Particular attentionisnow required in weeding, hoeing, thinning, and watering the principal crops, and pricking out and transplanting for autumn and winter. Sow and plant savoys, bro-coli, radishes, cabbages, turnips, carrots, cidney beans, lettuce, cucumbers, pens, leans, celery, and small salading. Prick out young brocoli plants. Shade melon slants in the heat of the day, and supply them with a large portion of fresh air.
Fletcher # Co., I'rinlcr*.

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