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or other craft (not belonging to Southampton), each time on coming within Galshot Castle, and navigating in the water, called Southampton Water, and the rivers thereto belonging, as far as the tide flows therein: viz., under 50 tons, Is. 6d.; 50 and under 100 tons, 2s. 6d.; 100 tons and upwards, os.; foreign ships, double.
By the Southampton Dock Act, all ships and vessels entering into, or loading, or unloading at the Docks are subject to the several regulations, and liable to the duties of Tonnage and Doomage, and other duties to which they are subject or liable in the port of the town of Southampton, as if the same ships and vessels had loaded or unloaded at the public Quays of the Commissioners for the Pier and Harbour.
All goods, wares, merchandize, articles, and commodities whatsoever, imported into or intended to be exported out of, or brought or intended to be carried coastwise out of the port of the town of Southampton, are subject to wharfage rates or duties, varying according to the kind or sort of goods. A few are enumerated which will serve as a guide to the general scale of charges.
Linen, cotton, and woollen manufactures are charged 3d. per cwt. if the receiver and exporter can agree as to weight, otherwise they are charged by the length, as entered at the Customs.
Copper, brass, tin, and iron manufactures in general, and hardware are charged Id. per cwt.
Spices, tea, and raw silk, 6d. per cwt. Groceries, from 1 d. to 2d. per cwt. Provisions in general, 2d. per cwt. Timber, If. per load of 50 cubic ft. Cattle, mules, and asses, 6d. each. Horses, Is. each.
Coals, 5d. per ton.
Painters' colours and lead, W. per cwt.
Corn of all kinds, lc?. per quarter. Seeds of all kinds, 1 $d. per cwt.
Wines and spirits, in bottles, Id. per doz., in casks, Is. 3d. per pipe.
Oranges, grapes, &c., jjd. to 2d. per package.
Nuts, by measure, and onions, Id. per bushel.
Potatoes, %d. per sack.
Apples, pears, &c., 2c?. per bushel.
Silk manufactures, 2s. per cwt.
Jewellery, watches, &c., lrf. on every 20s. declared value.
And on all goods, &c., not enumerated or specified, a wharfage rate of 1 d.
on every 20s. read or declared value.
Goods brought and carried coastwise, except some few particularly specified, pay one moiety of these rates.
The foregoing rates are independent of the charges on merchandize, &c., landed at, or shipped from, the Royal Pier, at which a uniform rate of Id. per cwt. is charged on all merchandize whatsoever, besides the rates on goods, &c. Passengers, on landing or embarking, are liable to wharfage dues on their carriages, horses, and personal baggage. On the baggage a rate of 3d. per package is levied if to or from foreign, and If d. per package, coastwise. Four-wheel carriages, 3s. each; two-wheel carriages, 2s. each, horses Is. each, two or from foreign, and half these rates coastwise.
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