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B. d.
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1 6
2 0
To the Pier and all below the Market.....
To above the Market, and within the Bar ....
To above the Bar ...•••» •
To any hotel, and all parts of the town, 6d. eacfi; except to and from
the Mail Trains, Is. each.
Incobpobated by Act 6 Wm. IV., c. xxix.
Amendbd Acts, 1 and 2 Yiot. c. lxii.—6 and 7 Viot. c. Ixy.
Chairman—Colonel George Edward Pratt Barlow.
Deputy Chairman—John Hopton Forbes, esq., Westwood, Southampton. General Superintendent and Secretary—George Saintsbury, esq. Superintendent Dock Master—^Captain William Ward, R.N.
Joint Engineers (for Graving Docks)—John Stansfieldand Alfred Giles, esqs
Resident Engineer—Alfred Giles, esq.
Charges and Quay Clerk—Mr. W. H. Sloman.
The Rates and Charges which the Dock Company are empowered by their Act of Incorporation to levy, are the same as those of the Docks of the Port of London, but the Directors have thus reduced them
the tonnage bates on ships,
there divided into four classes, ranging from 6d. to 9c?. per ton register, and Id. per ton per week rent, they have reduced into two classes :
1. Coasters, landing or shipping passengers or cargo
2. All other Shipping, British or Foreign per ton register
Rent (after one week free) per week do.
Yachts, with privilege of ingress and egress at pleasure, and including Wharfage on all baggage and ship's stores •
at per ton register per annum
Colliers, trans shipping cargo into other vessels in Dock, in lieu
of charge upon the cargo • • •
Vessels to lie up, or to fit machinery, per register ton per week
Free 0 Id 0 f
4 0
21 0
For the lifting and placing of Boilers and other Machinery of the heaviest description, for the Masting and Dismasting of vessels, &c., the Docks are provided with Sheerst tested to a lift of 50 tons.
dby or qbavinq docks,
For the examination or repair of Ships of the largest class, within the Dock premises, will shortly be constructed.
Ships of the largest class enter, lie afloat, and go out, at all times of tide.
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Flctcher # Co., Printers.
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