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8. d.
To United States*, Bermuda, Halifax (N.S.), Newfoundland,
British North America* (via Boston), uniform rate of 10
Upper and Lower Canada, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Halifax excepted), uniform rate of 12
♦Belgium . . . . .16
France and Algeria (under \ oz.) . . . 0 10
♦Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Tuscany, and Lucca (via France)
(under \ oz.) . . . 0 10
♦Switzerland, Prussia, Belgium, Holland^ Two Sicilies, Papal States, Modena, Parma, Placentia, Greece, Archipelago, &
Ionian Islands, via France (not exceeding \ oz.) . 0 5
Baden and Bavaria, via France (ditto) . . .05
Letters to the following places must be under %oz.:—
Austrian Dominions51 & Cities of Cracow & Belgrade, via France 1 5 Certain Northern States of Europe,5 forwarded through the
office of Tour aud Taxis, via France , . .18
Certain States of Germany,0 served by the office of Tour and
Taxis, via France . . . . 13
Wallachia and Moldavia, via France . . .19
Turkey in Europe (Belgrade excepted) and Scutari in Asia,
via France . . , . 1 11
Southern Poland d and Southern Russia,e via France . 1 6
Alexandria, Smyrna, Dardanelles, and Constantinople, by
French packet, via Marseilles . . . 13
Tuscany and Two Sicilies . . . .09
Roman States and Greece . . 17
Malta, Is. 1 d.; by the monthly closed mail, via Marseilles . 1 3 Alexandria, Ionian Islands*, via Marseilles . . 18
♦India and Hong Kong, via Marseilles . 1 10
* The postage to all these destinations must be paid in advance.
a Upper and Lower Austria, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Gallicia, Hungary, Illyria, Lombardy, and the Venetian Provinces, Military Frontiers, Moravia and Silesia, Styria, Transylvania, Northern and Southern Tyrol.
b Brunswick, Denmark, Hanover, Mechlenburg Swerrin, Mechlenburg Strelitz, Oldenburg, Saxony, Sweden, Norway.
c Bremen, Frankfort, Hamburgh, Lubeck, Hesse Darmstadt, Hesse (Electoral), Hesse Homberg, Lippe Detraold, Nassau, Reuss, Saxe Altenburg, Saxe Cobourg Ootha, Saxe Meningen, Saxe Weimer, Schaumburg Lippe, Schwartzburg Rudolstadt, Schwartzburg Sonderhausen, Wurtemburg.
d The Provinces of Cracow, Lublin, Sandomier.
c The Governments of Abklias, Astrachan, Bessarabia, Caucasus, Circassia, Cossacks of the Black Sea, Cossacks of the Don, Daugliistan, Ekaterinoslav, Georgia, Iuieretia, Kieu, Koursk, Mingrelia, Nicolaev, Podolia, Pultowa, Scliirwan, Taurida, Tchernigov, Ukraine, Volhonia, Voroney.
Fh'/c.hrr # Co., Printers.
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