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1.—Extent of the Official District of the Postmaster of Southampton.
The Official District of the Postmaster of Southampton comprehends the Town of Southampton and a circle of between six and seven miles round it. In this district one general office and 26 receiving houses are situated, employing a postmaster, 8 clerks, 27 receivers of letters, and 25 letter carriers. The principal office is situated in Hanover Buildings.
2.—Hours of Business.
The principal office opens for official business at 7 in the morning, and closes at 11 at night.
3.—Situation of Receiving Houses.
The receiving houses in the Southampton district are situated as follows: —At Mr. Webb's confectioner, No. 41, High-street; Mr. Ure's grocer, 19, Bedford-place; Mr. Watson's, coachmaker, 3, Upper Saint Mary's-street; Mrs. Hoare, grocer, Onslow Road; Mr. Roe's, carpenter, Bartley; Mr. Payne's, wheelwright, Beaulieu ; Mr. Carmichael's, gardener, Bevois-hill; Mr. Towton's, Bittern ; Mr". Bye's, grocer, Botley ; Mr. Ewer's, Bursledon ; Mr. Stephen's, shopkeeper, Exbury; Mr. Caton's, saddler, Fawley; Mrs. Kingett's, shopkeeper, Four Posts; Mrs. Gill's, Hamble ; Mr. Rolph's, shopkeeper, Highfield; Mr. Bishop's, innkeeper, Hythe; Miss Jurd's, shopkeeper, Itchen Ferry; Mr. Register, innkeeper, Marchwood; Mr. Horne's, grocer, Millbrook; Mrs. Vare's, Nursling; Miss Thring's, Redbridge; Mr. Webber's, shopkeeper, Shirley; Mr. Martin, Shirley Common; Mr. Bevis's, grocer, Swanick ; Mr. Corps's, shoemaker, Swaithling ; Mr. Read's, tailor, Totton ; Mrs. Hatley's, grocer, West End.
4.—Hours for dosing the Letter Box at the Post-office, Hanover Buildings.
The hours for closing the letter box at the Post Office, Hanover Buildings, for the purpose of despatching mails, are as follows: viz., At half-past 8
Fletcher 8; Co., Printer*.
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