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First Quarter, 6 day, at 6 7 even.
Full Moon, 14 ...... 12 48 mid.
Last Quarter, 22...... 4 19 morn.
New Moon, 29 ...... 11 34 morn.
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
1 S All Saints' Day
2 E XXIV. Sun. apt. Trin.
3 M [Michaelmas Term begins
4 Tu Revolution, 1688
5 W Gunpowder Plot
6 Th St. Leonard
7 F Sun rises 7h 6m.
8 S \af Wales bom, 1841
9 E XXV. Sun. aft. Trin., Pr.
10 M Lord Mayor's Day, London
11 Tu Half Quarter
12 W Cambridge Term div. m.
13 Th Moon eel. vis. at Southton
14 F Twilight ends at 6 o'clock 16 S Clock slow 16m. 13s.
16 E XXVI. Sun. aet. Trin.
17 M Queen Eliz. acces. 1668
18 Tu Day long 8h. 44m.
19 W Sun sets 4h. 6m.
20 Th Day 7h. 49m. shorter
21 F Princess Royal born, 1840
22 S St. Cecilia
23 E XXVII. Sun. aft. Trin.
24 M Day breaks 5h. 30m.
25 Tu Michaelmas Term ends
26 W Sun rises 7h. 39m.
27 Th Sun sets 3h. 66m.
28 F Night long 15h. 43m.
29 S Clock slow 11m. 27s.
30 E Advent Sun., St. Andrew
November I at.—Borough Councillors to be elected.—9th. Mayor and Aldermen of Boroughs to be elected.
GARDEN.—Most of the processes used last month will also be appropriate for this; such as giving air to lettuce and cauliflower plan;s that are under frames. Cut down the leaves of artichokes, and earth-up the plants.
August.—Asparagus beds planted in March must be cleared ; celery transplanted and earthed, and the heads or suckers taken froiji the March artichokes. The early cabbage seed must not be sown later than the 12th of this month; but lettuce seed may be put in as late as the 24th. The cauliflower seed will not do without covering.
First Quarter, 6 day, at 2 45 morn.
Full Moon, 13 ...... 6 36 even.
Last Quarter, 21...... 11 20 night
New Moon, 28 ...... 10.46 night
2 Tu
3 W 4Th 6 F
6 S
7 E
8 M
9 Tu 10W
11 Th
12 F
13 S
14 E 16 M
16 Tu
17 W
19 F
20 S
21 E
22 M
23 Tu
24 W
25 Th
26 F
27 S
28 E
29 M 30Tu 31W
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
Sun rises 7h. 45m.
Sun sets 3h. 51m.
Jas. II. abd. the Cr., 1688 Night 16h. long.
Clock slow 9m.
St. Nicholas
II. Sun. in Advent Conception of B. V. Mary Sun rises 7h. 57m. Grouse-shooting ends Salmon-fish. beg. in the Tay Clock slow 5m. 58s. Twilight ends 6h. 10m.
III. Sun. in Advent Sun rises 8h. 2m. Cambridge Term ends Emb. Week, Oxford Term
[ends Sun sets 3h. 63m.
Clock slow 2m. 5s.
IV. Sun. in Advent Shortest Day, Wint. beg. kin rises 8h. 4m.
Sun sets 3h. 55m. Christmas Day St. Stephen, Proto-martyr St. John, Evangelist I. Sun. aft. Christmas
[Innocents' Day Clock fast 2m. 62s. Twilight ends about 6
December 31st—Persons who have not been accustomed to keep an account of personal and household expenses, and those in trade an annual account of stock, should begin this day.
GARDEN.—Forward the trenching, digging, or manuring vacant ground, preparing hot dung, making hot beds, and earthing and tying up plants. Sow a few early peas and radishes on warm borders, and small salading and cucumbers in hot beds. Plant early beans, strong cabbage I ants, and coleworts; and plant, in hot" eds, cucumbers, mint, asparagus, and tarragon. The small salads may be sown every ten days, under frames.
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