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Starks, C. F. clerk in custom-house, 4, Eastern place, Kingsland
Starling, W. hat manufacturer, 138, High street Stay, John, toy shop, Orchard lane Stebbing, J. R. optician, 47, High street Steed, G. esq. M.D. Moira place Steele, Maria, wine merchant, French street Steere, H. W. chemist and druggist, 26, Above bar Stephens, W. confectioner, 49, Above bar Stephens, Henry, hairdresser, Canal walk Stephens, Ralph, spirit merchant, Union terrace Stephens, J. coachman, South front, Kingsland Stevens, Rev. George, Totton
Stillwell, H. Joiner's Arms, West front, Kingsland
Stockwell, Samuel, hairdresser, Redbridge
Stone, John, tailor, 27, College street
Storror, William, cabinet maker, 59, French street
Stote, G. baker, Itch en
Stote, G. coal merchant, Eling
St. Quintin, Rev. G. D. Hamble
Stoven, Lady, Prospect place
Stratten, R. esq. Dibden Lodge
Stratten, Robert, esq. Hythe
Stride, John, bricklayer, Hill
Stride, William, esq. Redbridge
Stride, Richard, esq. Redbridge
Stride, R. and W. and Mercer, brewers, Redbridge
Stride, George, milkman, St. Mary's street
Strong, Mrs. stay maker, East street
Strong, John, plumber and glazier, East street
Stroud, — mariner, Hythe
Strugnell, George, baker, 14, West street
Stubbington, J. Carlton place
Studds, — Fawley
Sturdy, John, upholsterer, 1, Lansdown hill Sturdy, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Lansdown hill
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