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Slade, Edward, cooper, Millbrook
Slater, W. brewer, and retailer of beer, Canal walk
Slaughter, Mrs. 3, Sussex place
Slowman, Thomas, retailer of beer, Albion place
Small, Samuel, greengrocer, Waterloo terrace
Smart, William, stationer, 154, High street
Smart, Miss, dressmaker, St. Mary's street
Smith, Mrs. Wynne, 13, Carlton crescent
Smith, Mrs. Hope Cottage, New road
Smith, Edward, wheelwright, Westcnd
Smith, Mrs. fishmonger, 7, French street
Smith, Mrs. baker, 21, Above bar
Smith, G. baker and grocer, 18, Bedford place
Smith, William, mason, Hanover buildings
Smith, John and Co. waggon office, 81, High street
Smith, Robert, esq. 8, Carlton crescent
Smith, Bev. — Portswood Cottage
Smith, Thomas, market gardener, Shirley
Smith, William, shopkeeper, Derby street
Smith, John, corn and coal merchant, 31, Portland-st.
Smith, Sarah, china warehouse, St. Mary's street
Smith, Henry, butcher, Hythe
Smith, George, Bevois street
Smith, Mrs. Swathling
Smith, N. clockmaker, Canal walk
Smith, W. town porter, 24, Mount street
Smith, John, esq. Orchard place
Smith, John, builder, Itch en
Smith, Henry, Horse and Groom, lower East street
Smith, Mrs. Totton
Smith, J. gardener, Market
Smithers, Thomas, huckster, Canal walk
Snelgrove, Jacob, gardener, Totton
Snelgrove, W. and J. cabinet makers, East street
Snook, Robert, corn merchant, 35, Above bar
Snook, John, builder, Terrace Cottage, Bedford place
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