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powquas Small Leaf Gunpowder"
The Sole Proprietor of the above celebrated Teas is Captain JOHN RHODES BIDDING, late Commander of the Hon. Company's Ship Thames, of 1400 Tons.
Captain Bidding, having (made Eight Voyages to China, Embraced the opportunity, when at Canton, of securing to himself the exclusive importation of these Teas; and he supplies them to the Public through one Agent in each Town.
CHARZ.ES FISH, Confectioner,
High street,
Dr. Johnson, late Physician to George IV., considers the "Howqua's Mixture" the best of Teas, and uses no other. As Author of " The Economy of Health," &c. his testimony is invaluable; he writes thus
Nov. 22, 1837.
« Sir,—Ever since your ' Howqua's Mixture' Tea was first introduced, myself and family have used it, indeed only it, and we have no hesitation in giving it the preference to all others.
" Your's &c.,
« To Capt. Bidding." " JAMES JOHNSON, M. D."
These Teas consist of ' Howqua's Mixture' (black tea) at 6s. per. lb. or 8s. the catty package. "' Howqua's Small Leap Gunpowder," at 8s. 7%d. per. lb., is J Is. 6d. the catty package. Each package contains lib. and one-third net of tea.
Caution. — The names of C. Verrey, 218, Regent street, and T. Littlejohn,77, King William Street, City, Sole Agents for London, are upon every genuine catty. All others are spurious.
*** Captain Pidding having purchased the whole of the " Assam Samples may be had of his Agents at 2s. 6d. each.
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