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The Eligible Leasehold Property being No- 57 Brinton's Road, containing 2 Sitting and 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Coalhouse, Offices and Garden, and held on Lease for the term of 998 years from 23rd day of October, 1876, at the Annual Ground Rent of £4.
The House is conveniently fitted with Cupboards, and Venetian Blinds. The principal rooms having Cornices, and the Front Sitting Room tiled grate and hearth, and in the Kitchen is a useful Dresser, and the whole affords a capital opportunity for anyone seeking a conveniently situated residence.
The Well-Letting Leasehold House (just off St Mary's Street), and known as No. 34, Ascupart Street, having the following accommodation, Front Sitting Room (with Bay Window), Back Sitting Room, Kitchen (with Range), Scullery (with Copper and water laid on), 3 Bedrooms and Garden, and Let at £18 per annum, tenant paying rates. This Lot is held under Lease for a term of 998 years from the 21st day of October, 1880, at the Annual Ground Rent of £4.
The Dwelling House No 8. Winchester Terrace (near Oxford Street, Railway and Docks). It contains Six Rooms with front Bay Window, Kitchen, Offices and Garden, and Let to Mr. Geo. Gregory (who has been in occupation for 10 years), at £18 per annum, tenant paying all rates. This Lot is held under a Lease dated the 26th day of April 1867, whereby the Property was Leased to Mr. Jesse Stride during the natural lives of three persons therein named and the lives and life of the survivors and survivor of them at the yearly rent of £1 12s. 8d.
Solicitors-.—Lots 1 to 3, Messrs. PEARGE and KEELE, 2, St. Michael Street.
No 35, Weymouth Terrace, Western Shore Road, the accommodation being as follows, 2 Sitting and 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Offices and Garden with back entrance, and Let at £18 per annum, tenant paying rates.
LOT 5.
Being No. 36, Weymouth Terrace similar to Lot 4, and producing the same rent.
LOT 6.
No 37 Weymouth Terrace has in addition to the accommodation of Lot 4 a convenient Workshop, and produces 10s. per week inclusive of rates.
No 38, Weymouth Terrace with similar accommodation to Lot 4, and Let at £19, tenant paying rates.
N.B—The Property (with No. 33), is held under a Lease dated 12th April, 1889, from the Corporation of Southampton, for term of 40 years from Lady Day, 1886, at the Annual Ground Rent of 15s. 6d. The Ground Rent will be apportioned as set forth in the Conditions.
The Auctioneer reserves the right to offer Nos. 35, 36, 37, and 38, Weymouth Terrace, in One Lot.
Solicitor .-—Lots 4 to 7, A. C. HALLETT, Esq., 28, Portland Street.
REMARK The Weymouth Terrace Properties being near the New West End Railway Station, should command the attention of Investors or those seeking Residential Properties.
Conditions of Lots 4 to 7 will &e produced at the time of Sale.
No. 57, Brinton's Road, No. 34, Ascupart Street, and No. 8, Winchester Terrace
1.—The property is sold subject to a reserved price for each Lot, and the Vendors reserve the right to bid by themselves or their agent*. So subject, the highest bidder to be the Purchaser; and if any dispute shall arise between two or more bidders, the Lot in dispute shall be put up again at the last undisputed bidding. No person shall advance at each bidding less than the sum to be fixed by the Auctioneer at the time of sale, and no bidding shall be retracted.
2.—Every Purchaser shall imme I lately after the sale pay to the Auctioneer a deposit of £10 per cent, on the amount of his purchase money, and sign the subjoined Agreement to complete his purchase according to these Conditions.
3.—The remainder of the purchase money of each Lot shall be paid, and the purchase thereof completed on the 16th day of November next, at the offices of Messrs. Pearce and Kekle, 2, St. Michael Street, Southampton, the Vendors' Solicitors, and if from any cause whatever the purchase of any Lot shall not be completed on that day, the Purchaser thereof shall pay to the Vendors interest at the rate of £6 per cent, per annum on the remainder of the purchase money from that diy until the completion of the purchase. The Purchaser of each Lot shall be entitled to the possession, or the receipt of the profits of the Lot or Lots purchased by him, from the said 16th day of November next, all outgoings up to that day being cleared by the Vendor. All current rents and outgoings shall be apportioned for the purposes of this condition, and any money payable by or to the Purchaser on such apportionment shall be paid with or deducted from the purchase money at the time of completion.
4.—The title to Lot 1 shall commence with an Indenture of Lease dated the 23rd day of October. 1876, whereby the property was with other premises leased to Mr. Abraham Davirs, for the term of 998 years from the 25th day of March, 1866, at the annual ground rent of £16, and the sum of £t shall be the apportioned rent payable in respect of this Lot, and the Purchaser shall enter into a covenant for the payment of such proportion of the said rent.
5 —The title to Lot 2 shall commence with an Indenture of Lease dated the 21st day of October, 1880, whereby the property was leased to Mr. William Thomas Scorey, for the term of 999 years from the 25th day of December, 1879, at the annual ground rent of £4.
6 —The title to Lot 3 shall commence with an Indenture of Lease, dated the 26th day of April 1867, whereby Sir Henry
whereabouts, or otperwise relating in any way to her or them.
7.—The several Lots are sold subject to the existing tenancies, and all easements, quit rents, and other incidents of tenure(if any) affecting the same. The description of the several Lots in the Particulars is believed and shall be deemed to be correct, and up objection shall be made or compensation claimed by any Purchaser or Purchasers tor any error or errors of any description, as to quantity or otherwise, should any such be
8—All objections and requisitions in respect of the Title or the Abstract, or the Particulars, or anything appearing therein, shall be stated in waiting and sent to the Vendors' Solicitors within seven days from the receipt of the Abstract, and all objections and requisitions not sent within that time shall be considered to be waived, and for the purpose of any objection or requisition, the Abstract shall be deemed perfect if it supplies the information suggesting the same although otherwise defective. If any objection or requisition shall be made and insisted upon which the Vendors shall be unable or unwilling to remove or comply with, the Vendors shall be at liberty (notwithstanding any intermediate negotiation in respect thereof, or attempts to remove or comply with the same), by notice in writing to the Purchaser by whom such objection or requisition shall be made to rescind the sale, in which case the Purchaser shall receive back the deposit without interest or costs, and shall return the Abstract of Title, and any other papers in his possesion belonging to the Vendor, but the Purchaser may within seven days after receiving the notice to rescind withdraw the objection or requisition in which case the notice to rescind shall be deemed to be withdrawn also.
9.—No Purchaser shall require any other evidence of the identity of the Lot purchased by him with any of the property described in the abstracted documents, than such as is afforded by a comparison of the descriptions in those documents and in the Particulars and a Statutory Declaration which will be furnished to him if he requires it, at his own expense that the property has be«n held consistently with the Title shewn by the Abstract for the last twelve years. No objection or requisition shall be made by any Purchaser as to the absence or insufficiency of stamp on any deed dated prior to the Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1888, if there be any such unstamped or ^sufficiently stamped deed.
10.—Upon payment of the residue of the purchase money at the time and place aforesaid, the Vendors shall make and execute to the Purchasers proper assurances of their respective Lots, such assurances to be prepared by and at the expense of the Purchasers, and to be left by them respectively for execution at the Office aforesaid not less than three days before the said 16th day of November, next, and the getting in of all outstanding estates, terms and interests (if any) shall be at the expense of any Purchaser requiring the same.
11.—If any Purchaser shall fail to comply with these Conditions, his deposjt money shall be forfeited to the Vendors, who shall be at liberty to proceed to another sale, either by public auction or private contract, with or without notice to the Purchaser at this present sale and the deficiency (if any) occasioned by such second sale together with all charges attending the same shall immediately after such sale be made good by the defaulter at this present sqle, and in case of non-payment of the same, the whole shall be recoverable by the Vendors, as and for liquidated damages, and it shall not be necessary for the Vendors to tender a conveyance.
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