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And its Neighbourhood,---&c.
Published hj P. Brannon, Southampton, and Ackermann Sf Co., London
PICTURE OF SOUTHAMPTON, upwards of 24 plates, and the fullest description of the town ever published. Price 5s.
GRAPHIC DELINEATIONS of Southampton, or Southampton Drawing Book, 23 plates, and short descriptive notices. Price 4s.
THE STRANGER'S GUIDE, or Pleasure Visitor's Companion to Southampton and the surrounding country, with Engravings. Price ls.6d.
In Preparation.
The PICTURE OF NETLEY ABBEY, and those of St. Dionysius and Beaulien with a most complete picturesque, architectural, and historical account of these interesting ruins—fully illustrated.
GEOLOGY SIMPLIFIED & ILLUSTRATED.—An interesting, synoptical view of the leading facts of Geology, so arranged as to make them easy of retention by the memory, and so illustrated as to render what is dry and practically useless to the unscientific reader, amusing, instructive, and capable of application to every country walk. It consists of
I. A MINUTELY ENGRAVED STEEL PLATE, combining in one view,—
1st. Nearly ninety different scenes, in the Isle of Wight, other parts of Great
Britain, &c. most of which have been accurately drawn from Nature by the author, shewing the distinctive picturesque characteristics of the different formations, as exhibited in mountains, hills, cliffs, caves, and rocks.
2nd. The causes at present operating to produce new land on the bed of the sea.
3rd. Section of the earth's crust, exhibiting the order and relative position of the formations and of their subdivisions, further accurately described in the first column of the table.
II. Below the Engraving A COMPREHENSIVE TABLE printed in clear type.
First Column.—Names and description of the formations in descending order, i.e. from
the uppermost recent strata down to thelowest and most ancient, shewing their order composition, and origin, whether from fresh water, or marine deposition, or from igneous or volcanic action.
Second Column.—Description of the scenery produced by the respective formation at the surface of the earth, in the proportions, forms, and characters of the hills, rocks, &c. found in them, with the names of and references to the illustrative views.
Third Column.—Products and economic uses, shewing from what strata, building, paving, and roofing stone, mineral, earths, metals, &c. used in the arts, are procured.
Fourth——Gives the comparative thickness of the different formations.
The design of this publication is original, it has met with the approbation of some of the first Geologists of the day, and will be found exceedingly suitable for self-instruction, and scholastic or private teaching.
Foolscap broadside, price Is. plain : or carefully colored, Is, 6d.
PRINTS, & c.
Above Bar Street, Is. royal 4to, fine paper.
Letter Papers, 2d.
Above Bar and Aslatt's
Andrews' Factory
Arcade in West Walls
Bernard Street
Club House
Common or Public Park Gas Column and Pier High Street Millbrook Shore
each. Fine paper proofs of Northam Bridge North-West Walls Pear-tree Church Pier & Town from Water Regent Park Riding School River Itchen South Castle St. Mary's Church Victoria Spa Upton Park,Windsor
same plates, 3d. each.—
Note Papers, Id. each-
Diocesan School & Above Bar
Calshot Castle
Riding School
Rockstone Lane
Town Hall
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