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Full text:[...] POLYDORA. ] 97 Alex. Agassiz (1866)1 describes the young stages of a species which he identifies with Polydora ciliccta, Johnston, but there exists doubt as to its specific relationships. His earlie [...]
Full text:[...] 240 CIRR ATTTLIDiE. notion that these organs, which have remarkable vitality, and which have the function of organs of prehension, locomotion, and of respiration, also under favourable conditions mig [...]
Full text:[...] 272 CAPITELLIM. neuroglia between tliem. At the ganglia the cells of the neuroglia are increased and surround the sides and ventral curve of the large ganglionic area as a deeply stained chapelet. Mo [...]
Full text:[...] 90 MEDUSAE OF THE WORLD. separated in the 4 principal radii. The basal bulbs of the tentacles and the stomach are brownish-red to bright crimson, and the entoderm of the tentacles is orange. This med [...]
Full text:[...] 108 MEDUSA OF THE WORLD. spur-like projection extending outward. There are no ocelli. All of the tentacles were broken off short and their normal length is thus unknown. Ihe ring-canal gives off a sh [...]
Full text:[...] 94 MEDUSiE OF THE WORLD. from the ectoderm of the subumbrella cavity of the bell. The medusa is hermaphroditic; ova develop in the ventral, and sperm in the dorsal (aboral) wall of the brood-pouch. J [...]
Full text:[...] HYDROMEDTTSAE. 745 I have also just received from the Concilium Bibliographicum at Zurich the title of the following paper, " The Craspedote Medusa Olindias and some of its Natural Allies," 1903, in [...]
Full text:[...] MEDUSA. 163 of cilia round the mouth as a guide, the specimens come nearest to Beroe Jlemingii. They do not, however, quite agree in shape, and the lateral canals from the meridional canals do not co [...]
Full text:[...] 32 Kadiolaria 140 Baine I. (72) Ralik Is. (79) Ilameswaram I. (78) Raninidae 63762 Rapallo (26) Rapanui I. (or Easter I.) (73) Ratak Is. (73) Rafchlin I. (12) Ravenna (23) Ray, Gape (89) Bd I. (16) R [...]
Full text:[...] THE SEISMIC STRUCTURE OF OCEANIC LITHOSPHERE AND CONTINENTAL MARGINS Beneath the sea floor variations in seismic velocity provide the most powerful research tool for examining changes in rock structu [...]
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