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Full text:[...] rokosz, M.A.: see Challenor, P.G. [aylor, P.K. 1989. Voluntary Observing hips — meteorological measurements. forld Meteorological Office, World Ornate Programme Research, WCKP-21, iAIV-24, aylor, P.K [...]
Full text:[...] READ, J F, and POLLARD, R T, 1988. Circulation of the southwest Indian Ocean and SubAntarctic zone. Abstract. In, UK Oceanography 88. Challenger Society conference, held University of East Anglia, No [...]
Full text:[...] jjfljoc Rennell Division for Ocean Circulation and Climate ' MrTrevor Guymer (Head) (Mrs Louise Allen (Secretary) % Or Steve Alderson -^2 Dr Yevgeny Aksenov -JiS|'Dr Sheldon Bacon 477j Dr Rosa Barcie [...]
Full text:[...] Director of SOC Professor John Shepherd Mrs Joan Hatchings (Secretary) Miss Rebecca Kathro (Secretary)* Miss Lisa Horn (Secretary) School of Ocean and Earth Science Professor Patrick Holligan (Head o [...]
Full text:[...] coring system, and no quantitative measurements were possible. Scientific Ocean Drilling Interpretation of the data obtained on Legs 104 and 108 of the Ocean Drilling Programme, in which IOS scientis [...]
Full text:[...] Harding, B W; Herrig, S D; Kidd, R B; Merrill, R; Meyer, A W & Olivas, R E. 1986. The Ocean Drilling Program after 1 year of drilling operations. Pp 283-296 in, OTC '86 Proceedings, Volume 2. Richard [...]
Full text:[...]  SOC People Director of SOC Prof Howard Roe Mrs Jill Jones (Personal Assistant) School of Ocean & Earth Science Prof Alan Kemp (Head of School) Mrs Claire Atkins (School Manager) Miss Frances Bradbur [...]
Full text:[...] Ocean Engineering Division Mr GeraintWest (Head) Mr James Cooper Mr Alan Harrod Mr Jon O'Connell Mr Mark Squires Mrs Jennifer Jones (Secretary) Mr Christian Crowe Professor Grant Heam § Mr Patrick Or [...]
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