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Full text:[...] 183 J 9<2jOlS the track of the Killer whales Cha"ins" S- - . Although the average 95-ton Blue whale (the biggest run to 120 tofts) is 95 feet long, and presents a fair target at 70 yards, the movemen [...]
Full text:[...] continued from cover page The students, Gareth Jones, April Lloyd andTerhi Salo, mapped the fracture over a distance of two and a half kilometres. April Lloyd said: 'Our initial results confirm the p [...]
Full text:[...] boundary layer to complete them, although there is geostrophic western intensification. More complex situations force the presence of pseudo-western boundary layers to avoid caustic behaviour of the [...]
Full text:[...] tless ii( jgici lal uar} i wit ei bov$i of ride ;GS and MUSL have asked the Institute modify their GLORIA vehicles to ovide swath bathymetry. Planning for ;se important modifications, which will /olu [...]
Full text:[...] Ocean Chemistry In addition to work on Chemistry's Laboratory Research Project, members of the group have been actively involved in two other major projects: the North Sea Community Project, and the [...]
Full text:[...] the Ocean Weather Ship Cumulus, on RRS Charles Darwin and on the Italian ship RV Minerva. A continuous data collection programme on OWS Cumulus was undertaken. This involved the use of two MultiMet s [...]
Full text:[...] rokosz, M.A.: see Challenor, P.G. [aylor, P.K. 1989. Voluntary Observing hips — meteorological measurements. forld Meteorological Office, World Ornate Programme Research, WCKP-21, iAIV-24, aylor, P.K [...]
Full text:[...] READ, J F, and POLLARD, R T, 1988. Circulation of the southwest Indian Ocean and SubAntarctic zone. Abstract. In, UK Oceanography 88. Challenger Society conference, held University of East Anglia, No [...]
Full text:[...] jjfljoc Rennell Division for Ocean Circulation and Climate ' MrTrevor Guymer (Head) (Mrs Louise Allen (Secretary) % Or Steve Alderson -^2 Dr Yevgeny Aksenov -JiS|'Dr Sheldon Bacon 477j Dr Rosa Barcie [...]
Full text:[...] Director of SOC Professor John Shepherd Mrs Joan Hatchings (Secretary) Miss Rebecca Kathro (Secretary)* Miss Lisa Horn (Secretary) School of Ocean and Earth Science Professor Patrick Holligan (Head o [...]
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