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Full text:[...] -A j&Kwf U......At ) «f s£?y {/ -• < - . . '- rK. A;-, T ,-■ Y>\^~> L «As ;.<_ X- A- /J*3. ^ ^ r ^-J ~ ^______<____AllA--------«a' : __FW'____6 -^-£XhJLiez* [...]
Full text:[...]  f'hems*. c^" °1) o ^ cay0%35 btv.m y?t?>vi PJyyv)trk.J'L . Se c^Mac !'J ) , iffi-ust-hA - t*"Jk sfvtLJ* nit^y , **?e //%& A^vv A^* f?-e*d}a^ [...]
Full text:[...] 37 Dr R. D. Flood, a NATO Post Doctoral Fellow from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, has studied the furrows in the muddy sediments of Southampton Water. They are very similar to features occurr [...]
Full text:[...]  4k Figure 38. Deployment of TOBI from RV Farnella Support for science projects Towed ocean bottom instrument Following the successful first science cruise reported last year, the TOBI team have comp [...]
Full text:[...] 10 km CORE 23 CORE 24 TOP In - 2n TOP The variation of sound velocity is greater in a core from an area of stronger GLORIA backscatter (lighter tone, core 24) than in a core from an area of weaker ba [...]
Full text:[...] effort and timescales needed to achieve defined levels of performance in the possible future hydrophone and swath bathymetry enhancements. Wave Observations Although the Ocean Weather Ship Cumulus wi [...]
Full text:[...]  o a Organic Chemistry A very successful research cruise oil the Finnish research ship RVAranda resulted in the finding of organic-rich multi-laminated sediments at various sites in both the Balti [...]
Full text:[...] 238 : TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. C. C. .C. c. c. 1892, PCT. 1892, FS. 1853, etc., PRN. 0. G. Costa.—Paleontologia del Regno di Napoli, pt. ii. Atti del Accad. Pontaniana (Naples), vol. vii, pt. i, 1853, [...]
Full text:[...] been completed on a range of taxa. The abundances and biomass of the pennatulid Kophobelemnon stelliferum have been established from sea-bed photographs from the Porcupine Seabight. Reproduction has [...]
Full text:[...] 1058 THE VOYAGE OF H.M.S. CHALLENGER. IIertwig, Prof. Richard, Ueber die Tiefsee Actinien des Challenger. Sitmnysb. med.-nat. Gescllsch. Jena, p. 10, 1881. --Report on the Actiniaria. Zool. Chall. Ex [...]
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