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Full text:[...] loaoj SECOND KWrORT ON utLIHC. INVl^TlGATIONo IN THE FALKLAND ISL^DS 1930, 1 l WLtJ I # j
Full text:[...] 174 the natural history of own order, the Pliyseter Microps, or Small-eyed Cachalot, which pursues them with indefatigable perseverance, devouring them with amazing rapacity. Bingley states that one [...]
Full text:[...] 214 THE NATURAL HISTORY OF ORDER.—JUGULARES. GENUS.—GADUS. SPECIES I. GADUS MORRHUA, OB THE COMMON COD-FISH. Tiie common Cod-fish® is a genus of the order Jugulares. The generic character is, pectora [...]
Full text:[...] THE MULLUS BARBATUS. 229 on the tongue and palate, above the angle of the mouth is a hard callus: the gill-membrane has seven incurvated rays. The gill-covers are smooth and rounded. Mr. Pennant stat [...]
Full text:[...] asteria arancia. 283 parent, and become a separate asteria. If any of the rays or arms are broken off, they regenerate, and grow again, which" fact may be seen in the engraving. The creature had by s [...]
Full text:[...] 55 Ports rpontl^ tyi\oS THE MYSTERY OE I THE WHALE. Quest of Discovery II. PORTMUTHIANS' VOYAGE TO THE ANTARCTIC. The Discovery II, the world's most elaborate scientific ship, will set sail from Lond [...]
Full text:[...] CORP\ L SEA . Aatitud-e Lon^i bud-e A?*. K, Refr S./& N, Z /a Sz tf-t O, O'-K. * A Y H- Y K, / z. COOKTOU/V. CA/R/VS HARBOUR /ray' - IcfS'lS' £. 5-?. o 59 7 367 S" 3SO-q- P-9 y 442 [...]
Full text:[...] 126 TEMPERATURE, ETC., OF THE OCEAN. the solar ray warms and expands the surface-water of the sea, the winds, by the vapour they carry off and the salt they leave behind, prevent it from making that [...]
Full text:[...]  MONOGRAPH OF THE PETRELS. The present species was described by the late Dr. Elliot Coues from a specimen from the Farallon Islands in the U.S. National Museum. It was also supposed to occur off the [...]
Full text:[...] 746 EDWARD T. BROWNE. Browne, E. T. 1896. "On British Hydroids and Medusae." Proc. Zool. Soc. 1896, pp. 459-Pls. xvi—xvii. London. -500. M. 1898. 1902. On British Medusae." Proc. Zool. Soo. 1897, pp. [...]
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