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Full text:[...] The Department of Geology Research Facilities The Geology Department is well equipped for most branches of geological research. A full range of sample preparation equipment, optical microscopes and a [...]
Full text:[...] NARRATIVE OF THE CRUISE. 447 contact, partly by transverse connecting trabecular (synapticulse) between closely approximated parallel spicules; so that the adhesive process commences at one portion o [...]
Full text:[...] NON-ANTARCTIC SPONGES—DENDY. 283 caustic potash ; the paired rays much more sharply and finely pointed when viewed edge on, as when the gastral cortex is looked at from the inside (apparently all thr [...]
Full text:[...] FISHES—REGAN. 13 24. /ascwzftw, Regan (PI. ix, Eg. 2). Chaenodraco faseiatus, Regan, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8) xm, 1914, p. 14. Depth of body 7 in the length, length of head 2|. Snout 2^ in length of [...]
Full text:[...] NON-ANTARCTIC SPONGES-PENDY. 279 Except for the partial blocking up of the central gastral cavity as above described, the canal system resembles that of Leucettusa tubulosa, being typically leuconoi [...]
Full text:[...] 282 'TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. subgastral radiates, which have a strong tendency to lie parallel with one another in dense bundles, the bundles forming a loose network in the deeper part of the gastral [...]
Full text:[...] Appendix 89 Draper, L. 1967 Waves at Sekondi, Ghana. Pp. 12-17 in Proc. 10th Conference on Coastal Engineering, Tokyo, Sept, ig66. Vol. 1. New York: American Society of Civil Engineers. * Draper, L. [...]
Full text:[...] 280 TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. from one point of view, to lie almost or quite in the same straight line. In a typical example the basal ray measured 0-077 by 0-0066 mm., the oral rays 0-044 by 0-0088 mm [...]
Full text:[...] NON-ANTARCTIC SPONGES—DENDY. 277 These spicules vary greatly in size, the smaller ones being for the most part on the outer side. The larger ones are nearly all quadriradiate, and the large apical ra [...]
Full text:[...] 612 THE VOYAGE OE H.M.S. CHALLENGER. "At Stations 44 and 45 Dytaster is associated with Pontcister and Pararchcister; at the former Station in company with Phoxaster, and at the latter with Porcettan [...]
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