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Full text:[...] SETTKA KROU. 4(53 palm tree on the point. Between the rocks and beach you may anchor. Provisions and firewood may be got at Sang win. Baffou Bay, which follows, is well sheltered from the South and S [...]
Full text:[...] 462 GRAND CESTOS RIVER. shore, at the distance of 6J miles S.E. § S. from the point of Bassa Cove; and from it extends a reef under water, 2 leagues to the westward, and nearly parallel with the coas [...]
Full text:[...] UA^f /&Onri Workmen high up ,he. mast „f the u -37. n 'Discovery" Investigations* 230 "p\URING the years 1935 and 1936 three volumes material coated by't^^'Di^^ e%dMo^ on many subjects by various wor [...]
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