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Full text:[...] Staff List Director of SOC Dr Howard Roe Miss Lisa Horn (Secretary) Mrs Jill Jones§ (Secretary) School of Ocean and Earth Science 22 20 18 16 00 02 04 06 10 12 14 Prof Patrick Holligan (He [...]
Full text:[...] O^eaillechnology Division m ' Mr Gwyn Griffiths . (Head of Division) f Mrs Jenny Jones (Secretary) . Mr Richard Babb - Mr Keith Birch Mr John Campbell Dr Charles Clayson Mr David Edge Mr Chris Flewel [...]
Full text:[...] jjfljoc Rennell Division for Ocean Circulation and Climate ' MrTrevor Guymer (Head) (Mrs Louise Allen (Secretary) % Or Steve Alderson -^2 Dr Yevgeny Aksenov -JiS|'Dr Sheldon Bacon 477j Dr Rosa Barcie [...]
Full text:[...] Director of SOC Professor John Shepherd Mrs Joan Hatchings (Secretary) Miss Rebecca Kathro (Secretary)* Miss Lisa Horn (Secretary) School of Ocean and Earth Science Professor Patrick Holligan (Head o [...]
Full text:[...] Staff List Miss Anne Morrison Mr Martin Bridger Mr Alan Wilkinson Dr Adrian New Mr Alan Coley Mr John Wynar Dr George Nurser Mr Ed Cooper Mr Darren Youngf Dr Graham Quartly Mr Christian Crowe Dr Lis [...]
Full text:[...] / papers, Books and Reports by the Staff, 1986 Alcock, G A & Flather, R A. 1986. Estimating extreme still-water levels and currents offshore. Pp. 137-152 in, Advances in underwater technology, ocean [...]
Full text:[...]  Dr Paolo Opollini Mr Ray Bailey Dr Dave Cotton Mr Bill Barnett Dr Andrew Coward Mr George Batten Dr David Cromwell Mrs Kay Batten Mr Stuart Cunningham Mr Martin Beney Mr Carl Davies Mr David Bo [...]
Full text:[...] Staff List Director of SOC Profasor John Shepherd Airs joon Hutching; (secretory) Miss Rebecco Kothro (secretary) Department of Oceanography Projtssor Michoef Coffins Heod of Oceanography Airs Sue Be [...]
Full text:[...]  SOC People Director of SOC Prof Howard Roe Mrs Jill Jones (Personal Assistant) School of Ocean & Earth Science Prof Alan Kemp (Head of School) Mrs Claire Atkins (School Manager) Miss Frances Bradbur [...]
Full text:[...] Ocean Engineering Division Mr GeraintWest (Head) Mr James Cooper Mr Alan Harrod Mr Jon O'Connell Mr Mark Squires Mrs Jennifer Jones (Secretary) Mr Christian Crowe Professor Grant Heam § Mr Patrick Or [...]
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