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Full text:[...] 102 STYLARIOIDES SARSI. figs. 3/). The tip consists of a gradually diminished flattened process ending a well-marked hook, the whole structure being more conspicuous than the slender, tapering dorsal [...]
Full text:[...] STYLARIOIDES FLABELLATA. 101 to the posterior end wliicli forms a short cone with the anus in the centre. The anterior region is very slightly tapered, for it ends in a somewhat trifid region with a [...]
Full text:[...] SOOLECOLEPIS (LAONICE) 0 TREAT A. 1896. Laonice cirrata, Mesnil. Ball. Sc. Fr. Belg., t., xxix, p. 116. 1897. Spio cirratus, Michaelsen. Polycli. deutsch. Meere, p. 152. 1909. Scolecolepis (Laonice) [...]
Full text:[...] CHvETOZONQ SETOSA. 265 1909. Ghuetozone setosa, Percy Moore. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., vol. xxxvii, p. 139. 1911. „ „ Mcintosh. Ann. Nat. Hist., ser. 8, vol. vii, pp. 165, 166, 169, and 170. 1913. „ ,, [...]
Full text:[...] NOTOMASTUS LATERICEUS. 277 1875. Notomastus latericeus, Panceri. Atti Soc. Ital., vol. xviii, p. 526. 1879. „ „ Tauber. Annul. Danica, p. 121. „ „ „ Hansen. Nyt Mag. f. Naturvid., Bd. xxiv, p. 11. „ [...]
Full text:[...] 332 ARWIDSSONIA ZETLANDICA. frontal process from which the broad anterolateral flaps pass backward to the pronounced notch, which is confined to the outer half of the flap. Postero-lateral margin beh [...]
Full text:[...] PSEUDOCLYMENE QUADRILOBATA. 38? shallow notch and a fold occur on each side, whilst the rim posteriorly dips to a median notch. Narrow keel arises somewhat behind a line between the lateral notches a [...]
Full text:[...] PRAXILLELLA AFEINIS. 323 slight wings, and some with hair-pencils at the tip. The posterior bristles have narrow wings and no hair-pencils. Tube free and straight, somewhat thin. 1. Praxillulla apfjn [...]
Full text:[...] 1 RECENTLY ISSUED AND FORTHCOMING MONOGRAPHS. For the Sixty-third Year, 1906. b6. Hie British Tunioata. By the late Joshua Alder and the late Albany Hancock. Edited by John Hopkinson. Vol. II. With L [...]
Full text:[...] BROWNE—MEDUSA PROM THE INDIAN OCEAN 175 have been welcomed. The stomach is very much swollen out with food and it almost fills up the whole of the cavity of the umbrella. It is evidently a young stag [...]
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