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Full text:[...] 96 TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. made by Lankester (15) in 1884, and the subsequent work of Fowler (5, 6, 7), with " Challenger" material, further strengthened the view that Rhabdopleura and Cephalodiscus [...]
Full text:[...] CEPHALODISCUS—RIDEWOOD. 15 canals. A more or less tubular notocliord projecting from the antero-dorsal wall of the pharynx ; below it, in the shield, a pericardial sac, with heart. Gonads simple, one [...]
Full text:[...] MYSIDACEA—TATTERSALL. II.-LIST OF SPECIES. The classification and arrangement of species followed in this report are those suggested by Hansen (1910) in his report on. the Siboga collections of this [...]
Full text:[...] RHABDOPLEURA —NORMAN. 97 A B Fig. 1.—Rhabdopleura 'normani. Portions of peristomes (X 56). A, Specimen from Norway (Harmer ]())• B, Specimen from Tristan d'Acunha. wall of the creeping portion, conve [...]
Full text:[...] 98 "TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. of the peristomial walls, and the character and extent of the lateral projections of the peristomial walls (Fig. 2). It would appear, therefore, that if the characters of [...]
'Discovery' reports
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'Discovery' reports (30)
Full text:[...] CONTENTS ASCIDIACEA (published 12th February 1960) By R. H. Millar Introduction...... List of New Genera, Species and Forms Classification...... Systematic List of Species in the Collection List of S [...]
'Discovery' reports
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'Discovery' reports (12)
Full text:[...] CONTENTS COAST FISHES. PART I. THE SOUTH ATLANTIC (published 9th December, 1935) By J. R. Norman Introduction . Cape Verde Islands West Africa . South Africa Ascension Island Tristan da Cunha Gough I [...]
Full text:[...] TEMPORARY PREFACE. A larger number of species is dealt with in tins volume than in the last, but as many were procured in deep water, for instance, by Dr. Gwyn Jeffreys and Canon Norman in Shetland, [...]
Full text:[...] RHABDOPLEURA—NORMAN. 99 of the peristomes and the number of peristomial rings varying considerably. Internal diameter of peristomes, 160-200/x. Maximum external diameter (i.e. across the angular proj [...]
Full text:[...] 280 TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. Sub-order MYSIDA. Family MYSIDAE, Dana. Sub-family SIRIELLINAE, Norman. Genus SIRIELLA, Dana. 2. Siriella thompsonii (H. Milne-Edw.). Occurrence.—Nortli and Sontli Atlanti [...]
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