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Full text:[...] A P P E N D I X. The obfervations on the dip of the needle, during this voyage, were made with great care: firft the dip was ob-feived with the divided arch to the Eaft, the inftrument being placed a [...]
Full text:[...] RECENTLY ISSUED AND FORTHCOMING MONOGRAPHS. For the Sixty-first Year, 1904. 82. A Monograph of the British Desmidiacese. By W. and G. 8. WEST. Vol. I. xxxvi + 224 + 64 pp., 32 plates. 8vo. 1904. 83. [...]
Full text:[...] TEMPORARY PREFACE. A larger number of species is dealt with in tins volume than in the last, but as many were procured in deep water, for instance, by Dr. Gwyn Jeffreys and Canon Norman in Shetland, [...]
Full text:[...] 18 AMMOTRYPANE CYLINDRICAUDATUS. rush about in every direction through water or sand, mucus or mud, and then generally plunge into sand. It has never been encountered at low water, so that its home w [...]
Full text:[...] STYLAIilOTDKS PLUMOSA. 91 Lima and mussels in the West Voe of Scalloway, Shetland. At Loehmaddy it occurs under stones near low-water mark. Fine examples come from Bressay Sound. Stomach of the cod a [...]
Full text:[...] TEAVISJA FOBBESII. 27 1908. Travisia Forhesii, Moore. „ „ „ Ehlers. 1913. „ ,, Augener Proc. Acad. Nat. Sc. Pliilad., p. 354. Deutscli. Tiefsee-Exped., p. 0. . Zoo). Anzeig., Bd. xli, p. 267. Habitat [...]
Full text:[...] 242 MR EDWARD T. BROWNE ON DISCOPHORA. Family Pelagiid^e. Pelagia perla (Slabber), 1775. Station 542, lat. 37° 56' N., long. 29° 11' W. 4th July 1904. Station 543, Fayal Harbour, Azores. Surface. 5th [...]
Full text:[...]  mm 652 WEST COAST OF AFRICA. can ascend from the shore by either of three or four rugged pathways, past the church, an hotel, and the president's house, until you find yourself in some place, which [...]
Full text:[...] SANGWIN—SINOU RIVER. 555 as the King's Town, the watering place in the rainy season, and more than 4 leagues from the entrance. Grand Cestos River offers the best position for a trading colony. It ha [...]
Full text:[...] 460 COAST OF AFRICA. avoid by keeping in mid-channel. A small American colony, dependent on Liberia, is established on the left bank of the river. After clearing the bar, keep to the port side, steer [...]
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