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Full text:[...] 44 Research Projects and representatives of marine laboratories. Much time was taken in its preparation but it can now be kept permanently available and added to from time to time. At the Zoological [...]
Full text:[...] Appendix 89 Draper, L. 1967 Waves at Sekondi, Ghana. Pp. 12-17 in Proc. 10th Conference on Coastal Engineering, Tokyo, Sept, ig66. Vol. 1. New York: American Society of Civil Engineers. * Draper, L. [...]
Full text:[...] Research Projects 41 noted in the Annual Report for 1964-5, p. 41. More recently he has resumed a study of the distribution of whales and the catches by pelagic factories in relation to the distribut [...]
Full text:[...] Research Projects 39 that a comparison of independent readings will in due course further assist accurate interpretation. Meanwhile Mr Gambell has examined the composition of catches of sei whales of [...]
Full text:[...] 38 Research Projects Such changes from month to month, taken with complementary data from the Antarctic in summer, have shown, at least approximately, the differences in the timing of the migrations [...]
Full text:[...] Research Projects 23 abundance of fin whales (standard deviation 10% of the mean) could be obtained with two vessels operating from December to March, though estimates for the scarcer blue whales wou [...]
Full text:[...] Research Projects 37 ties, the whaling station at Durban, which operates in the southern winter, continues to be a productive source of data. In five visits since 1962, averaging 3^ months, members o [...]
Full text:[...] Research Projects 39 fin whale, the rate of formation is not also one pair per year. He has described the results of this work in a paper for an international meeting at Oslo referred to below. In sp [...]
Full text:[...] 2 g Research Projects of lamina counts and numbers of corpora in the ovaries suggests 0-7 ovulations per lamina which is identical with the now accepted value for the ovulation rate in Antarctic fin [...]
Full text:[...] Research Projects 27 A number of smaller collections and some teaching material were also distributed. Panels showing the organic cycle in the sea, the study of nutrients, phytoplankton and zooplankt [...]
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