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Full text:[...] 300 "TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. Dall, W. II.—1895. Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus., xvii, pp. 713-716. Davidson, T.—1880. "Report on the Brachiopoda dredged by H.M.S. 'Challenger' during the years 1873-1876." Zool [...]
Full text:[...] Appendix 4 Scientific visitors to IOSDL Dr G Anastaskis, Athens, MAST; Mr A Ayub, University College of Swansea, Dept Geology; Dr M Azham, IFREMER, Brest; Dr P Barnes, CSIRO, Aspendale, Australia; Pr [...]
Full text:[...]  ftp] Rese Aquatic and Atmospheric Physical Sciences Grants Committee Professor K] Gregory (Chairman) Dr R Chester Dr M B Collins Dr R A Cox Dr R S Harwood Dr A'J Illingworth Dr P F Linden Professor [...]
Full text:[...] The British High Cross Antarctic Survey Madingley Road Cambridge CB3 OET Telephone Cambridge (0223) 61188 Telex 817725 Director Dr R M Laws, CBE FRS Deputy Director Mr W N Bonner Total Staff 161 Scie [...]
Full text:[...] 244 "TERRA NOVA" EXPEDITION. Billard, A. 1906. Hydroides. Exped. Antarct. Franjaise (1903-1905). Paris, 20 pp., 5 text-figs. - 1907. Hydroides de Madagascar et du Sud-Est de 1'Afrique. Arch. Zool. ex [...]
Full text:[...] 101 WEBB, D. J. 1983 Wave measurements with the Seasat radar altimeter - a review. Pp 419-424 in Satellite microwave remote sensing edited by T. D. Allan [Proceedings of European Association of Remot [...]
Full text:[...] 86 HERRING, P.J. 1981 The comparative morphology of hepatic photophores in decapod Crustacea. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 61, 723-737. HERRING, P.J. 1981 Life [...]
Full text:[...] both as regulators of populations of insect species in various ecosystems and as potential controllers of insect pests. There are programmes of research at the Institute involving genetic engineering [...]
'Discovery' reports
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'Discovery' reports (28)
Full text:[...] REFERENCES 295 beddard, F. E., igig. FwrfW cow^wAoMf fo (Ae ^mafomy of fAe 6^en,; ^wfe (Physeter macrocephalus) Wed wjwM a» examination of two additional Foetus. Ann. Durban Mus. II, part 4> PP- 129— [...]
'Discovery' reports
Periodical volume:
'Discovery' reports (27)
Full text:[...] BIBLIOGRAPHY 335 Clarke, R., 1950. The bathypelagic angler fish Ceratias holbolli Kroyer. 'Discovery' Rep. xxvi, pp. 1-32. Cocco, A., 1838. Su di alcuni Salmonidi del mare di Messina; lettera al Ch.d [...]
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