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Full text:[...] DISCOVERY REPORTS Vol. XXVIII, pp. 237-298 Issued by the National Institute of Oceanography SPERM WHALES OF THE AZORES by Robert Clarke CAMBRIDGE AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS 1956 Price twenty-seven shill [...]
Full text:[...] ' DISCOVERY REPORTS Vol. XXVI, pp. 1-32, plate I Issued by the National Institute of Oceanography THE BATHYPELAGIC ANGLER FISH CERAT1AS HOLBOLLI KROYER C,': by Robert Clarke, M.A. CAMBRIDGE [...]
Full text:[...] DISCOVERY REPORTS Vol. XXVI, pp. 281-354, plates XIII-XVIII Issued, by the National Institute of Oceanography OPEN BOAT WHALING IN THE AZORES THE HISTORY AND PRESENT METHODS OF A RELIC INDUSTRY by Ro [...]
Full text:[...] Publications, Lectures and Other Activities 45 August and, together with Mr Foxton and Dr M. R. Clarke, attended the XVIth International Congress of Zoology held there subsequently. Dr Clarke read a [...]
Full text:[...] 27 APPENDIX LIST OF PUBLISHED PAPERS AND REVIEWS (i APRIL 1953—31 MARCH 1954) Dispersal in Blue and Fin whales. By S. G. Brown. Discovery Rep. 26, 355—384, 1954. Measurement of wind currents in the s [...]
Full text:[...] Appendix III 37 The drag of the wind on the sea. By H. Charnock. P. V. Ass. Oceanogr. phys. Un. geod. int. No. 6, 196, 1954. * Whales and seals as resources of the sea. By Robert Clarke. Norsk Hvalfa [...]
Full text:[...] 48 Appendix Clarke, M. R. and Maul, G. E. i 962 A description of the ' scaled' squid Lepi- doteuthis grimaldii Joubin 1895. Proc. £ool. Soc. Lond. 139, 97-118. Clarke, M. R. 1963 Economic importance [...]
Full text:[...] PLATE III Stomach of a small 72 foot male blue whale, cut open to show the enormous quantity of krill that can be swallowed, even by a young animal. The handle of the flensing knife is 5 ft. long, an [...]
Full text:[...] Appendix 87 Brown, S. G. 1966 International co-operation in Antarctic whale marking 1960 to 1965. Norsk Hvalfangst-Tidende, 55, 89-96. * Brown, S. G. 1967 Report on the 4th Antarctic cruise of 'Umita [...]
Full text:[...] 26 Marine Biology Mr R. H. Clarke's large report on the biology of sperm whales of the Azores is in the press and should be published in 1956. Some of the principal findings relating to the character [...]
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