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Full text:[...] MONOGRAPH OF THE PETRELS. portion of the bill pale flesh-coloured, and the base and nares light cobalt-blue. The feet are pale flesh-colour, the webs washed with yellow, and the claws black. The iris [...]
Full text:[...] MONOGRAPH OF THE PETRELS. So many specimens are without any record of the date of capture, that it is difficult to account for the variation with any certainty, but amongst those specified, I find th [...]
Full text:[...] 119. THALASSOGERON EXIMIUS, Verrill. (GOUGH ISLAND ALBATROS.) Thalassogeron eximius, Verrill, Tr. Connect. Acad. Sci., IX., p. 440, pi. 8, figs. 1, 2 (1895); Salvin, Cat. Birds Brit. Mus., XXV., p. 4 [...]
Full text:[...] 120. THALASSOGERON CARTER!, Rothschild. (CARTER'S ALBATROS.) (Plate 102 A.) Thalassogeron carteri, Rothschild, Bull. B. O. C., XIV., p. 6 (1903); Hall, Key Birds Austr., p. 114 (1901); Carter, Emu, I [...]
Full text:[...] 122. PHCEBBTKIA CORNICOIDES (Hutton). (BUTTON'S SOOTY ALBATEOS.) Albatros with White Eyebrows, Cook, Voy., I., p. 38. Diomedea fuliginosa, var. cornicoides, Hutton, Ibis, 1867, pp. 186, 192. Phoebetr [...]
Full text:[...] MONOGRAPH OF THE PETRELS. Captain Hutton in his paper on the "Birds inhabiting the Southern Ocean" (Ibis, 1865, p. 284) notices a pale form, but he, too, was then inclined to believe that they were y [...]
Full text:[...] ANTH0MEDUS7E—STYLACTIS, TIIAMNOSTYLUS. 151 There is no hydrocaulus. The hydrorhiza is a network of tubes lying in one plane, from which arise a few small, simple spines and many sessile hydranths. Th [...]
Full text:[...] ANTHOMEDUSjE—BOUGAINVILLIA. 171 The medusa is distinguished by its thin-walled, almost spherical bell, its wide velum, and its very long oral tentacles which branch only at their outer ends. The flas [...]
Full text:[...] 554 SEIZURE OF THE NEWTON. Nov. Valparaiso, under Chilian colours, though owned by British subjects), has by some persons been supposed to have been excited by Queen Pomare : but the following statem [...]
Full text:[...] PAGODROMA NIVEA. the distribution of the species, as follows :—" South Georgia, breeding (von d. Steinen, Andersson, May to August); South Orkney Islands, November, breeding; Coats Land (Bruce); S. S [...]
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