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Full text:[...] Following the cyclone-generated surge in the Bay of Bengal on 24 - 25 May 1985, resulting in about 11,000 deaths in Bangladesh, a member of staff took part in a WMO Regional Cyclone Surge Workshop in [...]
Full text:[...] coring system, and no quantitative measurements were possible. Scientific Ocean Drilling Interpretation of the data obtained on Legs 104 and 108 of the Ocean Drilling Programme, in which IOS scientis [...]
Full text:[...] 1937-1986. TOGA Topics, Special Issue, June 1986,11pp. Kill-worth. P D. 1986. Ocean modelling in Cambridge. Pp 195-206 in, Current issues in climate research, (ed, A Ghazi & R Fantechi). Dordrecht: D [...]
Full text:[...] calibration workshop: Proceedings of ESA Workshop, Schliersee, W Germany, 2-6 June 1986, (ed.JJHunt). European Space Agency, SP-262, 213-214. [Srokosz, M A member of Working Group.] Challenor, P G; G [...]
Full text:[...] 1080 THE VOYAGE OF H.M.S. CHALLENGER. Callocardia adamsii, 624 ; C. atlanlica, 624 ; C. guttata, 625 ; C. paeifica, 624. Calocaris, 524. Calophyllum inophyllum, 566. Calornis metallica, 548, 556. Cal [...]
Full text:[...] SOC establishes / new international links Southampton Oceanography Centre recently established two new Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), which are designed to facilitate international research colla [...]
Full text:[...] the luminous mouthed shark. Nature, 318, p.238. Herring, P J (1985). How to survive in the dark: bioluminescence in the deep sea. Pp. 323-350 in, Physiological adaptation of marine animals, edited by [...]
Full text:[...] 13 Uorbcvc, H4T<*U ^X1'r4SS EXPLORERS SAFE HOME St. George Given a Wonderful Reception at Dartmouth Sc.pt4.r17 b a.r io* The citizens of Dartmouth passed hours of weary waiting yesterday for the home [...]
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