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Full text:[...] May 8, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. $ ©©©©©©©©©»& ®©®©©©©©©©© ©®©®©©©©©©g »©®e®©®©®©® 1©®©®©©©®©©c ©6®©®©©©®©®©®©®6©©®©®©®©®©®' Our Weekly Illustrated Feature. ®e©e@e©©©©©©®©®©®c©e©©®e©Q [...]
Full text:[...]  July 3, 1-91;. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. w MRS. NOVELLO. (ALL RIGHTS OBSERVED.) CUIRASS FROCK. Tho^ovcl feature of the gown illustrated is the lawn overbodico termed the cuirass. "Itis is [...]
Full text:[...] July 31, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. Local flmusemenk. NEW ALEXANDRA PALACE. THE EAST STREET PICTURE PALACE. A splendid picture which is attracting attention at the Alexandra this w [...]
Full text:[...] to local rule. The remaining alterations are largely of form, the spirit of the rule remaining. Revision is of course necessary from time to time, and most of the alterations will no doubt, be [...]
Full text:[...]  August 7, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. 23 ROYAL YACHT SQO.IDKOX REGATTA. ON THURSDAY. AUGUST 8th. THK TOWN PRIZES OF £100, Presented by the Inhabitants of I he Town of Handicap for Yach [...]
Full text:[...] the Southampton Rifle Hub. several have been within a point or mo of the maximum. Showery weather prevailed on Saturday, but it did not interfere in a very great degree with the competitions that took [...]
Full text:[...] jou r* a bridesmaid. You can't altsent yourself. I know you halo poor old Torrie, but that won't prevent his marrying Miss Hurrel. He dine* here to-night, so do try and be civil to him. I can't think [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND mmm DISTRICT PICTORIAL. August 21, 1912. Situation* Vacant. DITANTED, UPPER-HOUSEMAIDS. £2«-£26; W,, £J8^£26-£22; Cook., £35 -£30—£26; Cook General*, £22—£18; General, £2 [...]
Full text:[...]  ■I w iva y=-Tamr? SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. August 28, 1912. Situations Vacant. £J5. WANTED. Cook.. £35. £30 VV Southampto», Bi»hon»tol "FaHytrmaW*. "(w £26, Alresford, >«.toke, New Milto [...]
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