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Full text:[...] each of the othe to a friendly fame at the Club last evening. It has bean arranged to hold tlia annual whist drive and dance, when the pPremutation of the shields will take plane, on the 1st May how [...]
Full text:[...] men are very well satisfied with-the result of their delegate* work at the Sartohury League annual meeting last week They were in the minority in two out of three of their proposal*, hut the other, [...]
Full text:[...] the Workmen's Hall won by 21-19, (hoy and the rest of the Leigue each won at four tables. The annual wtiat drive in aid of the funds of tho Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital, on which [...]
Full text:[...] any interference from the judges, not one of the twenty-six starters being pulled up. At the annual, meeting of the Amateur Athletic Association on Saturday, the de'egate* confirmed the new [...]
Full text:[...] The I^ndou and ; South-Western, with at least two other leading ! railway companies, promote annual competi-i lions among their statioumssters for the best. I kept platform gardens on their systems, [...]
Full text:[...] SOCIAL ULl'B Aa a wind up to the w 'liter session of the j Odd follows' S>>. ial Club,.the annual supper and presentation of prizes gained in the various i co.i>petiti«jnH took place on Thursday [...]
Full text:[...] are to I*: month!) and bogey competi-tions, and an attempt ia to be made to anange an annual "meeting" in the autumn. Southern Hampshire has a glorious variety of course, when you think of [...]
Full text:[...] i, 1912. MATTERS OF MOMENT. SHL Of the Stock of LONG & SONS, of READING, TOGETHER WITH OUR ANNUAL SPRING CURTAIN SALE THURSDAY, MAY 2nd, 1912 (FOR TEN DAYS ONLY). Ic-Qal g] We are declared the [...]
Full text:[...] a now Drill Hall at Basingstoke, where the Ammunition Column is headquartered. In addition to the annual camps, in which the gunners operate with the other units of the Brigade, there are plenty o' [...]
Full text:[...] in private life. In was ofttinuM blended with grief—#rief whioh referring to his death at the annual distribu- blinded the eyre with tears, and tore the heart tion of prize* of tho 5th Hants [...]
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