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Full text:[...] bad-done nothing mor; than they irejuitifiM In dot eg,-and Be propteed at aa amend, iht that the report ef the committee be adopted.—Mr. _ )*! teeonded the 'amendment," and taid he bad great difficult; [...]
Full text:[...] a »«rvaot bv the negligence Of another wrrant. Ue wa* prepared to go th*' ltogth Indicated In the report of th* Select Committee, and per-bap* van eo far a* to make a maMer reeponaibli ' [...]
Full text:[...] place—i ny of Kllmacrenan, In the county of, I oclaimed" under the Peace Pre** I ration >0».—It I* reported that her Majetty the ipre**ed a wiab to vl*lt the Re*. Canon tr thortly before i from [...]
Full text:[...] near Bucharest, to ooonpy the line frt_______ blheo to Giargovp. M. Bratiano at Berlin, it is "reported has mbt with more reserve than he expected oa tbe snbiectof tho Roumanian claims. ThmRoumanian [...]
Full text:[...] tha National Defeo wall appreciate the exertion* of, beta their quota of labour to the clneion the report etated that it ' l in having each aa exaellaal report, i gratifying thai tba la we effecting real [...]
Full text:[...] other axsputca. iBl-red- whether the Chief Becntarv for Iwland a. : prqd*f#;nny!tnpy of an addpeaa reported td been dehvered on the 18th inat. to the Grand JUT W Derry by Mr. Juatice Keogh, in which thd [...]
Full text:[...] , mk T*xr«iu*c« caXM»W b^aixd ecnooiA. Dr. Palk moved tho next part of the Educational Committee*! report, which r«coromehded that Dr. Richardson'* booh on temperance tbould bo introduced Into all tne [...]
Full text:[...]  /-"? , . ■ • THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER ASP WINCHESTER NEWS-SATURDAY MARCH 23. 1S78. FAROON'd KoK KB8UMATMJI .hould ' nfe and elmpje i KomeJy1 f& TUou»»nJ» h.i sssss&E-ass-s Teetimom mrnmmr ar sfL To [...]
Full text:[...] year of 498, showing a decrease of 44 There waa no business before the Board that called for a report. Flt Fisanio oa tub Bitc* Twr.-Tbe flshiog on the Test has commeced unusually early. Several fine [...]
Full text:[...] wounded. The same p&per publishes the following:—A telegram from 1'esaawur. dated the 16th ult., reports most satisfactory and successful operations against the enemy at the village of Sapri, one of the [...]
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