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Full text:[...] 3 - » jus-. / TflJE; SOUTHAM^l'ON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NKWS-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1378. Miscellaneous. \17"ANNTED, in a high and dry situation, TV la Southampton. be a [...]
Full text:[...] Ho told her ho was a single man, and travelled about the country as theatrical manager. On December 3 they were married at the Superintendent Registrar's office for St. Saviour's. Mary Ann Lovegrove [...]
Full text:[...] T—" 8" tlKf. XIV/ BAILWAY TIME TABLE. SOUTHAMPTON AND WBTMOUTH I#v#«oath'to» Ar.We m'th m tfa Af BoutVion. m ls' jj ' w#p _ MM •B Wm (Durehrster 3 0) SUNDAYS. •12 20* (norchwiff 3 0) #Mr _ 91&, 1 [...]
Full text:[...] to hand a cargo of BEST POETMaDOC wd 90 10. Other liiM and colour* in Mack. American Wharf, December, 1878. ERV0U8 DEBILITY. —GRATIS, a Medical Work showing sufferers bow they may be cared without [...]
Full text:[...] ILM.L.I, vacant, by tho death of General H. J. Delacombe, C.B., R.M.L.I. Collision at Havue.—On December 19 a collision occurred at th*t port botw*en tho HonUeur (*) and the BenweH (s) of Newcastle. The [...]
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