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Full text:[...] VS. 3 - » jus-. / TflJE; SOUTHAM^l'ON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NKWS-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1378. Miscellaneous. \17"ANNTED, in a high and dry situation, TV la Southampton. be a gantleman of qnlet JmW [...]
Full text:[...] In audition to her crew there were two females and several merchants on' board. Ono of tho men, John Campbell, who wasseekingemployment «s an engineer, in trying to escape, fell h*ad foremost down [...]
Full text:[...] ~~ %££!? °if and Ws sach*^t°ft^M7 *UKlkuU.- ,Prio* *• *?7s 6d| Ke, rnMmm ^ 10. M. „. John white, ^ r„%m^noSDo,. ' lrTH,E XOVING CUP.' Is the title of #THE CHRISTMAS (number Of the [...]
Full text:[...]  Miscellaneous. WANTED «a ACTIVE ItAOVb CASHIER. — IpplJ to B. Hul & 0»., BHdgMUWt. Bomftimplon. -v RIED RAY-FI8H 8KIN8 BOUGHT _jatsmi? -; a RAYNBB-8 COMPA88 CARD ,|. roles to correct theCon of Tsr [...]
Full text:[...] Iiatb Miu.Iame* Joiinstonr.—Tho City Prut atat.-s that tl.e will and i-odicil of Air. James John-stteie, tho proprietor of tho StJ»dard, has just been proved 'by All. Mu Kurd and the two other [...]
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