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Full text:[...] him racceaaor. Mr U. Duulap rage end aaid the time bed now ar. tired when it wee the duty of the Council to elect one of their number ta occnpy the chair Which bed been eo ebly filled by their preeent [...]
Full text:[...] whilo the Chakellor of the Exchequer, Lord Ckmn-bnwk, and Mr. Lennox Peel, the Clerk of the Council, attended on the part of the Ministry. The proceeding* were of a purely formal character, and [...]
Full text:[...]  m I as SOUTH OBag^VBH AN'T) '.WIN C#9.Tm ^flwi-SATirKDlY. -HmUtW kit ''n H' BAILWAT TIMK. TABUS.' # ■Is s i : iS 3? •IX 20* (Dertheeter 3 0) sbss&w&tfu i &,.<•» wi n 6 Sir80"""' 9 13a 1 46, * Ma 9 [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND PORTSMOUTH. *Tf U K2' III SOUTHAMPTON jroftru COUKClL. Ameetlng of the Council wi beld at the Atfdtt How* on ttcdne.d.y afternoon. The Mayor (J B. ' Ml ^ John®, J. R^ [...]
Full text:[...] the fit Mary's Liberal AaiocUtlon. and enable them iq keep a watchful eye over the doing* of the Council. It h** alio tho recommendation dear to Badlcala-that no re«nert-able peraon woul/ygo near If If [...]
Full text:[...] meetmg of this Association was held at the Rail, way Inn. St Deny's-road, on Monday evening, Mr Councillor Whitchurch presiding, in the ahaoncs of the president. Mr W. Purber, who was away through tho [...]
Full text:[...] production ot deeds relating thereto. All Saints Election.—The eloction for a member of the Town Council, in the room of the lale A. L. McCalmont, Esq , took place today (Friday), but from the appearance [...]
Full text:[...] a large attendance, and amongst those present were:—A. Giles, Esq, M P, Mr Senior bailiff Warren, Councillors 8, S. Pease*. J. S. Pearce. E. Bance, H. Coles, J Bishop. J Johns, and Q. Luirgley; Messrs C. [...]
Full text:[...]  JOB SOUTHAMPTON OHSKKVK.k AND WTNOTTRSTKR "NEWS—RA'i'UKDAT, DEC. 14, 187*. EPITOME Of Vicrtmia.—The Maiqui* of Normanby, Governofe • ot New Zwdmnd, has been appointed Governor and Ogomander-in-Ch [...]
Full text:[...] to the Ameer of Afghanistan; and Mr. E. Staphope informed Mr. Fawcett that the consent of tbo Council of tlie Secretary of State for India to tho expenditure in connection with the Afghan war was not [...]
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