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Full text:[...] A ebicli wa. unaniiuoiuJy .vote of thank, to G. Dunlop, ring preeented to the chapel of Lord'. Prayer and Apostles ue chapel, tie bad of thank* to tboee iamcd (hear. hear). — Mr in wcoodiog [...]
Full text:[...] to it* last resting in was of (Southampton and had CoassoaATtos or Cubist Cuoacn, Portswooi Lord Bishop of Winchester, Dr. Harold Urown. tbi-(Friday) morning ooaeecrated the new cbanwl of t [...]
Full text:[...] never felt settled since if occurred, and giv, "P that the matter may be inveetlgatod. The landlord of the house served ns "with drinks and saw us leave together. I know nothing more of the man "V [...]
Full text:[...] msmm oyUTHAMPTU.- 1'vLlu, . THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS-SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 2. 1878. f, •bW-bo.llr\ mm, 9«tt, waa broigtil ai> by P C. Yo*ng. tllsurtkerljr. lu UrWgr-atre-t. Hie |>re [...]
Full text:[...] of those gentlemen who profca* to regard SheretAli as an injured innocent—a lamb whom that Volf, Lord Lyttoo, I* bent upon de-vourlng. Wo believe, lor oiirselves, that Ibe Indian Government knows if* [...]
Full text:[...] Tie. In which a publican wat fined £i and co»u. under section 13 of the Act. for being drunk, and Lord Coleridge tald that the J utllcea were wrong, and that the came mutt be met aside, although he [...]
Full text:[...] and Accepted Rite, 33, Golden-square, W, in the presence of jtbe Prince of Wales, formed by Lord Skelm*r*dal Commander, astiatod by the Couucil.—trt Isr Hants Autilleet i, for weekending [...]
Full text:[...] attended Wr ■operations has been marked by an bfficial expres-men of satisfaction on tho part of Lord Salisbury. As' Ikpbmul Pkbsbkt.—The German Empress haa se»t to.lira. McGonnell, wife of the chief [...]
Full text:[...] Bishop mays: " It doee not appear to me that the case admit* ot any authoritative decision." His lord-ehlp alto taye that ho doee not purpose taking any further steps in the matter, more especially as [...]
Full text:[...] —---------- ay vlewt off------- HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. QUBENy BEECH DITIBIOB-TCESDAY. (Before the Lord Chief Jutliee and Mr Justice Mellor). Tom Qpm** v. William G*oroe Ward asjd ran Isle of Wioiit a»» [...]
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