Volumes in the collection: John Adams' Southampton Almanac
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Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. series o.o utilities-Vai?ious. Honsehold. % FOR THE HALL. Polished Brass Brash Set. HAT AND CLOTH. Pierced Brass Backs, with Bevelled Mirror in Centre. 11/3. Postag [...]
Full text:[...] 'true valour knows as ^elt, how to suffer as to act.' was a flcrco smoker of toliacbo, but may bo resembled to a volcano burnt out, emitting only now and then a casual pn&" 14.—It was, and in fact In [...]
Full text:[...] LAW SITTINGS, ECLIPSES, AND MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION. INTEREST TABLE. Without giving an elaborate series of tabulated figures to ascertain the interest due on any given sum at 2&, 8, 5, or any other [...]
Full text:[...] i nmww* ii i' i " ii iinmf «r£he best and cheapest pennyworth of popular literature ever produced."—Tun. times. WEEKLY, Id, Author of A Series of Vividly-told NOW APPEARING:— * % m"?ERA?D MmOPLLOY: . [...]
Full text:[...] NEW ILLUSTRATED IN HONOUR'S CAUSE: A Tale of the Days of George the First. By GEORGE MANVILLE FENN, Author of " Cormorant Crag/' " First in the Field," " Steve Young," etc. Large crown 8vo. Illustrat [...]
Full text:[...] GIFT BOOKS. XTbe Ibome Htbrarp. (vo™) Crown Svo. 320 pages. Handsome cloth cover. Illustrated. 2s. each. DR. CROSS; or, Tried and True. By Ruth Sterling. GERALD THURLOW; or, The New Marshal. By T. M. [...]
Full text:[...] Publications of the NEW PUBLICATIONS, 1896. The Fathers for English ReadersBoniface. By the Key. I. Gregory Smith, M.A. Fcap 8vo. Is. Qd. The Struggle of the Nations. Egypt, Syria, and Assyria. By Pr [...]
Full text:[...] 4 Publications of the NEW PUBLICATIONS -continued. Is. 6d. Crown 8vo. 160 pages. 3 Woodcuts. A Thankful Heart. By Lady Dtjnbotne. Behind the Bow-Window. By K. M. Eitz-Geeald. His Level Best. By F. B. [...]
Full text:[...] Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. UNIFORM EDITION OF Crown 8vo, half cloth, 3S. 6d, each.; or the series of 18 vols, in a case, 48s. Volume I. contains—Melchior's Dream, and other Tales, &c. [...]
Full text:[...] Publications of the Books Suitable for Presentation, School Prizes, &c. 24s. The Dawn of Civilization : Egypt and Cbaldaea. New and Revised Edition. By Professor Maspero. Edited by the Rev. Professor [...]
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