Volumes in the collection: John Adams' Southampton Almanac
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Full text:[...] 'WIFE AND CHZLDBEBT ABE HOSTAGES GIVEN TO FOBTDNE/ 26.—Tho personal appearance of Lord Jeffrey, the first recognised editor of the BdAibwryA Bar few, was not remarkable. Els complexion was very swart [...]
Full text:[...] 76 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. ESTABLISHED 1840. RUSSELL & SONS' FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, III, & 112, ST. MARY ST., SOUTHAMPTON. WHERE BOTH New and Second-hand Furniture can be bought Cheaper than [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 65 Custom House, Canute Road. Collector and Receiver of Wreck—Edgar Bates, Esq. In-Dogr Department. Principal Clerk—A. L. Tanner, Esq. Clerk, 1stClass—G. Douglas, E [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DOCKS and HARBOUR Southampton is the only Port in Great Britain where deep water loading and discharging berths can be reached at any time of the day or night, irrespective of the state o [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 63 Boilers, heavy Machinery &c. up to 100 tons weight, the same as to Docks in London. Railway Rates generally Shipment Goods forwarded by frequent fast trains at v [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 85 DESPATCH OF LETTER MAILS. Places to which Mails are sent. First Town Delivery (including Suburbs) Portsmouth and Eastleigh Towns on Dorset Line Romsey London Lyn [...]
Full text:[...] xviii. JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. BREECH-LOADING GUNS LARGEST STOCK IN_ LONDON. kE.M .REILLV.Jk-GS HAMMER TOP UNDER LEVER GUNS. Rebounding Locks, &c., fromi £5 10s. Better Make, £7 10s. and [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. Medical Officers of Health ... 6 Members of Parliament for the Borough of Southampton ... 3 Missions to Seamen......... 101 Monthly Notes for 1897 ... 230,231 Munic [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. UTILITIES VARIOUS. Household. TWO USEFUL TAPS. For 4J or 9 Gallon Casks. ?ATiJPTn The first represents a Safety Lock and Key Tap (2 keys), and is made either in yel [...]
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