Volumes in the collection: John Adams' Southampton Almanac
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Full text:[...] Batchelor, Burbage, J.P., Cawte, Doggrell, (d.c.). Hutchens, Parmirer, Webb, Weston, and Wilson, J.P. Fygg Z,i6far*gs.—The Mayor, Aldermen Candy, J.P., and Gilbert, Councillors Dench, Denness, [...]
Full text:[...] C. H. H. Candy. Sewor BaiW/p—Mr. C. H. Hardiman. junior Ba*f((y^-Mr. G.^Watson. Tow» C/erA a«d CferA ^o fAe Sawifayy i4w(Aor*(y—Mr. George B. Nalder. De^Wy Toww CferA—Mr. O. [...]
Full text:[...] J.P. (C). Sheriff—T. Walton, Esq. (C). Senior Bailiff—C. Hardiman, Esq. (L). Junior Bailiff—G. Watson, Esq. (C) MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. W. H. Rogers, J.P. I. 1901 F. H. Candy, J.P. 0. 1901 G. J. [...]
Full text:[...] Lord Bishop of Winchester, and the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Southampton. Hon. Sees.—O. R. Dawson, W. P. Ran well, J.P., and G. N. R. Sloper, Esqs. Treasurers—Messrs. Maddison, Hankinson, Darwin, [...]
Full text:[...] the Hartley Institution. Richard Taylor attempted suicide by jumping off Cobdeh Bridge. Dr. Jameson and his OfBcers surrendered at Bow Street for judical enquiry into the charge under the Foreign [...]
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