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Full text:[...] Shilling Soo^s for Noting People. ENLARGED AND IMPROVED SERIES. Each Illustrated and bound in cloth. A Fortunate Exile. By Lily Watson. Alison's Ambition. By Mary Hampden. „ . _ The Waif of Bounde [...]
Full text:[...] PUBLISHED BY THE Religious Tract Society, 56, PATERNOSTER ROW, LONDON. Solb bg all booksellers, or Post 5ree from tf)e Publishing Office 011 Receipt of (Casf; for tfye Publisfjeb Price. Zzj,/ 0/ PRES [...]
Full text:[...] HELPFUL HINTS FOR HARD TIMES. twjoor&w &M-M, 0/ fmzZZ wwr&* M petite culture, «% g%e cAarocfgr, and are intended to enable those who live from the soil to net more out of it.] . . 18mo. 16 pages. Lim [...]
Full text:[...] 14 Publications of the Books suitable for Presentation, &c.—continued. 2s. eaoh ('continued). A Silver Cord. By the Author of " The Squire of Bratton." Jerry and his Dog. By the Author o£ " Plucky Ji [...]
Full text:[...] Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 13 -continued, Books suitable for Presentation, &c.- 2s, 6cL each (continued). Opposite Neighbours, and other Stories. By Mrs. Moleswobth. By Ocean, Prairie [...]
Full text:[...] 10 Publications of the S. P. G. K. Books suitable for Presentation, &c.—continued. 3s. 6d. each (continued). Under the Dog Star. A Tale of the Borders. By Austin Claee. One Step Astray. By Austin Cla [...]
Full text:[...] Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. ByG. ByG. Books suitable for Presentation, do.—continued. 5s. each (continued). Eminent Christian Workers of the Nineteenth Century. Babnett Smith. Noble Wo [...]
Full text:[...] Publications of the Books Suitable for Presentation, School Prizes, &c. 24s. The Dawn of Civilization : Egypt and Cbaldaea. New and Revised Edition. By Professor Maspero. Edited by the Rev. Professor [...]
Full text:[...] Publications of the 8. P. C. K. ROMANCE OF SCIENCE. Diseases of Plants. By Professor Marshall Ward. 2s. 6d. Time and Tide. A Romance of the Moon. By Sir Robert S. Ball, LL.D., F.R.S. Third Edition re [...]
Full text:[...] Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. UNIFORM EDITION OF Crown 8vo, half cloth, 3S. 6d, each.; or the series of 18 vols, in a case, 48s. Volume I. contains—Melchior's Dream, and other Tales, &c. [...]
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