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Full text:[...] " THE MOST USEFUL TRUTHS ABE THE PLAINEST." GOOD WORDS ARE WORTH MUCH. BENEFICES OE. THERE Is no money equal to that of beneficence; here the enjoyment grows on reflection. EOT LIKELY. How la It poss [...]
Full text:[...] ' A GOOD FAME 18 BETTER THAN A GOOD FACE. arranging the ballet of Gustave historically, with the assistance of one of bis assassins, is a very lively one, and, we must add, exceedingly French. , . 25 [...]
Full text:[...] Tho bull, irritated by bats being thrown at nlm, and other moans of annoyance, soon became ready, to run ; and then, tbe barricades bmng removed, the whole crowd, bull, men, boys, and dogs, mshed bel [...]
Full text:[...] 11th Month,~1 MM. J NOVEMBER—30 days. ziSQB HAVE so rowan OVER SOULS. THE MOON'S CHANGES. Ffrsf Qwar&r ...... 1st, .... 37 mln. past 2 afternoon. Full Moon ........ 9th, .... 50 mln. past 9 morning. [...]
Full text:[...] T.TCATiR TEE WILLING, BUT DRIVES TEE STUBBORN. In a joke to funcA, liad seen it rc-appear as a Leech picture, and had been astonished to And that current fables about Mr. ftmck's largesse in such ras [...]
Full text:[...] 9th Month, I 1897. J SEPTEMBER—30 days. |ILL-GOTTEX GO^DS L SELDOM PROSPER. THE MOON'S Ffrsf Qwarkr ...... 3rd, ____ Full Moon ........ 11th, .... Zwd Qwarkr........ 19 th, .... New Moon ........ 26t [...]
Full text:[...] ((TTR ig BOBN IN A GOOD EOITB WHO GETS A GOOD NAlfE. 1% tines are yours—the honso Is yours. Yoi gave me all I have—my friend —iiy father—my benefactor 1. "Ho dined with mo, and in the evening I caugh [...]
Full text:[...] " INGRATITUDE 18 THE DAUGHTEB OP PEIDE." 22.—Speaking of Haydon, Sir C. Eastlake on one occasion told the following story, very cbaractenstic, it is to be feared, of that unfortunate artist^ Eastlake [...]
Full text:[...] 22.—Pope, the bard of Twlcken' bam, hns bad his portrait thus drawn in words:—" His person was slender and distorted, and his stature so low that in order to bring him to a level with tables of the c [...]
Full text:[...] "use pastime so as not to lose time." cally, am well as literally, at arm's length. OC that gracefulness on the stnge which made her fame she In private life had none. One shonlder was higher than th [...]
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